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reformation altar

REFORMATION ALTAR is a big Network Movement whose mission is to EMPOWER PEOPLE and CHANGE LIFE socially, educationally and most importantly spiritually. This website offers you with great personality development skills from different angles; religion, culture, personal opinions, stories, inspiration and through learning general life skills.

Our major goal is to EMPOWER PEOPLE through inspiration, knowledge and motivation to trigger and unleash the great powers in them. Through this we are able to CHANGE LIFE and make our society a better place. We refer the platform as “The Altar that Echoes the Message of Grace”. The authors of the content embrace, discuss and write tough topics with confidence all through.

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Let Your Destiny Find True Love for You!

When we talk of love, many would pay attention. Why? Because they lack true love. Facts about true love, it’s ...
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Lonely?, Yes!, Give me your money, I give you Love

Modern dating styles have evolved and as a social analyst, it has become very complex to understand human intentions and ...
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No need for New Resolutions, Change how you do your things

I would like to start the year in style by sharing my opinions about what we expect in this amazing ...
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Why does a boy child need to be empowered?

Why boy-child need to be empowered?

The boy child has been disregarded for so long now. Society has painted boy-child as able to figure out their ...
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strategies for fighting corruption in a country

Strategies for fighting corruption in a country

Corruption is a very cancerous habit, it eats up a country and kills it completely. It would be an imbecile ...
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Do Platonic Relationships work anymore?

Spiced 05: Do Platonic Relationships work anymore?

“There is no way a man and a woman can just be friends”, today you will hear such statements within ...
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