4 Reasons Someone would Hate you for Nothing

4 Reasons Someone would Hate you for Nothing

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When I look back through my life, I have always met people who just hate me for no reason. I could have said Kindergarten but I have never been there, so in primary, secondary, undergraduate, working environments and now postgraduate I still meet these kind of people. They just hate you for nothing, their emotions can’t stand your presence. No matter how good you are, people will still hate you, anyway don’t let their hatred limit your ambitions and success.

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I feel, the best way to handle these fellows its to ignore them and whenever you meet give them that passionate and infectious smile. You have probably met these individuals in your life. They come in different forms, they can be a workmate, classmate, friend to your friend, neighbor, administrator and some pretend to be your friend. Here, let me explain some of the reasons why these fellows hate you for nothing.  

They feel you don’t deserve it

They feel your life, what you do, have or been given you don’t deserve it. These people are always selfish, they think it should be them and not you. If you are a writer like me they would think it should be them and not you. You may be a great leader, student, eloquent speaker, singer, philosopher, footballer, programmer you name it but still they would feel it should be them. Their mindset is tuned in a way that they see themselves better persons than others.When they see you doing it well they will hate and detest you. 

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You have something they don’t

This normally lies on things they can never have for example body appearance, race, voice and your general personality. They would also want to have these inborn abilities and blessings but won’t be able. This will push them to dislike you because you have something they don’t have. These individuals are always weird because they want everything for themselves and want others to have nothing, which is practically impossible. They forget everyone has their own destiny.      

They tried what you did and they could not

Others will try what you do, for example they would try to sing like you but would not manage. This will make them angry at you for nothing. Just like that imagine! But never mind them, focus on your mission always because that’s what matters. It’s always good to identify such people so that you know where to place them, it would be dangerous when they are in your circle. These individuals would always try to do what you are doing, they don’t have their own plans. All they know is hating others, what a stupid career they have! 

They are going through hard times

Okay, someone going through hard times will definitely dislike you because you are doing fine. Still it should not be that way but it’s happening. Let’s look at the gap between rich and poor, a rich person will be hated by the poor just because they are rich. A person going through hard times will hate you when they see you are just okay and enjoying life. Such people you can help if possible but if not just get far from them as possible. A person with a closed or fixed mindset it’s always very hard to deal with.   

Generally it’s advisable to identify these people and handle them with the needed attention. Never allow them to stop your journey to success. Always work hard and smart to achieve what you want. In case you are the one who hates others for nothing my dear do something about it. Life is too short to start minding other peoples business, mind your own. 

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