10 Reasons Why Couples Cheat in Marriage

10 Reasons Why Couples Cheat in Marriage

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why couples cheat

Have you thought about why a person would cheat in marriage? Infidelity is the major reason for marital conflicts in marriage. Great homes have become a battlefield due to affairs, straying, adultery, cheating, or infidelity. Why couples cheat?

I wonder why such a bad thing is given different names, who are wasting time to create names for a bad and shameful thing like this? You should always endeavor to be faithful in your relationship and marriage. This will keep you away from troubles, you become happy and peaceful always. 

Let us look at the reasons why married couples would cheat shamelessly.  


This should be the main reason for cheating in marriage. When you go out to cheat, you demonstrate your immaturity and lack of self-control. You become a man/woman with no stand, an individual who can fall for anything.

You become an untrusted partner with stupid behavior. Such persons are not smart, hardworking, and great planners of their lives. They want new things and lack of discipline. When a person cheats simply they are immature and seriously need some growing up.

Never entrust your life to such individuals.     

Living apart

Distances between couples have brought a lot of pain. Marriage was designed for two to stay together as one. Economic breakdown brought distance to us. If not managed well, the likelihood of marital conflict in marriage is high. 

Living apart brings a gap between couples, an affectionate, intimate, and an emotional gap that will push them to find someone else to fill it for the time being. This is how straying in marriage begins due to couples living apart. 

If couples have to leave apart they should have a way of meeting frequently to avoid the temptation of infidelity in marriage.


When couples embrace a boring lifestyle, it may also lead to one of them having an affair. They say, ‘An idle mind is the workshop of the devil’. That is basically true, when marriage lacks spicing up, a couple may decide to find that elsewhere. 

Couples should always plan to explore the world together either through sporting, traveling, cooking, missionary missions, or any other activity that will keep them engaged. Boredom is one element that will make your spouse become unfaithful in marriage. Ensure you are always together and doing something that both of you love and enjoy.  

Social media

Too much social media may put you in a cheating position. The world has very charming and persuasive individuals who can put you in a fix. Runaway from the position of temptations.  

Always avoid too much use of social media platforms and chatting with strangers of the opposite sex. Some individuals are online in the business of breaking others’ marriage. They do not believe in this institution of marriage, they are jealous and would gladly see it in pieces.


Too much watching of pornography. You will see some styles and you will want to try them with someone. Definitely, you won’t do it with your spouse because they will ask questions and the styles are weird for married people. 

This will push you to find a young man or lady who can do what you have seen. Pornography introduces you to an unreal, dirty, and weird world, and the moment you are addicted you will have a totally different perception about your sex life. 

You will think that you are having the worst sex life with your partner and this may lead to infidelity or even a breakup.

Lack of respect

Lack of respect at home from both husband and wife will definitely lead to infidelity in marriage. Imagine a wife who mocks her husband each time they are at home. Calling him names and telling him he is not a man because of one or several reasons. This man then meets a woman who appreciates even the silly things he does. The probability and likelihood of him cheating in such a case are very high. 

The same applies to women who are not  respected by their husband. 

Loveless marriage

Some people stay in a marriage like enemies, with no intimacy and love gesture at all. A loveless marriage is very terrible. Living a mechanical lifestyle in marriage is very sad where couples focus on work and provision all year round without a break for each other. 

They do not have time for each other’s intimacy and emotional linkages. This will force one of the couples to cheat and get what they are not getting in marriage. A marriage should have holidays where couples have a connection and happy moments together. Surprise each other with activities and actions that gesture love to the other.

No appreciation and recognition

This happens when a partner starts thinking of a better someone out there (utopia). Such a disempowering thought has made many lose their best companions. 

Thinking of something better that does not exist can lead to cheating in marriage. The grass is greener on the other side, no! The grass is greener where it’s being watered. Couples should endeavor to learn, appreciate, and recognize each other as parents, friends, and lovers. 

Too much responsibilities 

When you become too busy and forget your major roles to your partner. They will feel left out and needy, so definitely they will cheat when an opportunity avails itself. 


Insecurities of sexual energies by a partner. Some people will think that they are not good in bed and opt to cheat in the name of proving that they are fine. They will get laid by several people so that they can compare their performance and experience. A positive comment from those they are cheating with gives them some form of assurance that they are fine. 

Those blessed with marriage should endeavor to respect and cherish their home. Cheating should never be an option in marriage either for revenge or anything else. Cheating brings pain and suffering to all people, your partner, children, relatives, and friends, it is a marriage breaker.

Never cheat in marriage thinking that you are missing out. There is nothing out here, in marriage, it’s where you get all the things, peace, love, respect, and fulfillment. 

Do you have other reasons a couple would cheat in marriage? Please write it down in our comment section. 

Be blessed and never think of cheating in your marriage. Let both enjoy your family happy forever.

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