28 Facts about Marriage you must know before getting Married

28 Facts about Marriage you must know before getting Married

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28 Facts about Marriage you must know before getting Married

Below is a great list of 28 facts about marriage you must know before getting married.

1. Laziness kills Marriage 

You can’t afford to be lazy in your marriage. Laziness in marriage is cancerous. When one partner becomes lazy, marriage becomes tasteless, intolerable, and a burden. Avoid being lazy at all costs.

2. Suspicion kills Marriage

You can not afford to be suspicious in your marriage. As a partner, being insecure kills your relationship. You become strangers, trust is choked out.

3. Lack of trust kills marriage 

You cannot afford to lack trust in your marriage. Get in marriage with someone you trust completely. Though, you have to be on the look because people change at some point for better or worse. Keep monitoring and evaluating your partner for a better marriage.

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4. Lack of mutual respect kills marriage

You can’t afford to be disrespectful to your partner or vice versa. As couples, support each other with respect and tenderness. 

5. Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Hatred, Malice, and anger kill a marriage 

Imagine, staying with someone who is always unforgiving, bitter, and malicious? That is a toxic marriage. Your dreams, health, and peace of mind will be shattered. Both couples should avoid these negative qualities because they kill a marriage.

6. Arguments kills marriage 

Arguments are spoilers in marriage. They lead to bitterness and stress for both couples. Learn a system of avoiding arguments. Medicine to arguments is solving the problem causing them. Have a mechanism of solving issues, no matter how small and petty they look and feel.

7. Keeping Secrets from your Spouse kills marriage

Never keep secrets about your health, finances, projects, or anything, either good or bad. When you keep a secret, it’s like setting a time bomb. With time it would explode and destroy your marriage. 

8. Every form of Infidelity kills marriage (physical, financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc)

Imagine after ten years, you realize your partner was being paid 1000 US dollars every month? You find out your partner has another family elsewhere? Own a private property that you never had an idea about before? Will such a marriage survive?

9. Poor Communication kills marriage 

Aspire to always have open and genuine conversations with your partner. Marriage must have consistent and sincere communications about all facets of your life. Design a well-orchestrated paradigm with your pattern, it’s simple, tell them the truth and listen to what they are saying.

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10. Lies easily kill marriage, be sincere to your spouse in every aspect.

Telling lies is like giving a snake or wasp venom. Lies are very destructive in any relationship. Aspire to tell the truth always and it shall set you free.

11. Relating more with your parents/family members than your spouse kills marriage

The bible says a man will get a wife and move away to become one thing. When you get married be a man enough and run your family differently from your parents’ home. Do not allow your families to interfere with your marriage. Run your young marriage separately. 

12. Lack of inadequate or unenjoyable sex kills marriage. 

Many in this 21st-century, claim that marriage does not work. I condemn this mindset and say marriage does work. You need the threshold wisdom to achieve a working marriage. Intimacy in marriage has brought issues. Couples who can not satisfy each other face hurdles. This hurdle can be undone when necessary steps are taken, the non-performing partner with the right support can be great performers.

13. Nagging kills marriage 

Nagging is being silly. Respect your partner and life will be awesome. Stop being a devil’s agent.

14. Too much talk and careless talk kills marriage 

Mouth diarrhea is very dangerous. Think before you talk. Some words are very destructive, you may end up destroying your marriage because of a foul mouth. Be careful of what you tell your spouse. Speak life and goodness to your partner and children.

15. Spending less or little time with your spouse kills marriage 

When someone dies, we the living start wishing we had spent more time with them. Prevent this by always spending time with loved ones, time spent together is what we call life. When you spend time alone, you are as good as dead. 

16. Being too independent-minded kills marriage

Independent-mindedness is very dangerous, it prevents progress and success. Partners should be a team, team players, play to win. Open-mindedness between partners allows progress and success. Partners agree easily on what to do, what projects and their life becomes easy and smooth. 

17. Love for party, money, impulse buying and spending, financial indiscipline kill marriage 

Extreme spending on unnecessary activities invites poverty in marriage. Financial discipline will take you far easily. Avoid parties and investing money foolishly, this will make you broke. Your family does not deserve poverty.

18. Exposing the inadequacies of your spouse to your parents or Siblings kills marriage

This would be a stupid move, you can’t go around talking foul about someone you claim to love. Imagine they are told about what you said, they will definitely get mad or even worse, divorce you. Never expose your spouse’s inadequacies to parents or siblings no matter what. 

19. Not being steadfast in the spirit, not praying together kills not only marriage but your life.

Build a culture where you pray, a family that prays together stays together forever. Be steadfast in everything you do, involve God in your life, it’s very important. 

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20. Spurning correction and reprimand kill marriage. 

Correct with wisdom, tenderness, and love. Spurning correction and reprimand won’t work. This brings hatred and disgust to marriage. It kills the initial love. 

21. Always wearing a sad face and being Moody kills marriage.  

Be happy life is too short. Do not allow sadness to be part of you, it sucks the life out. Find ways of being happy always, being happy is a choice, make that choice.

22. Feminism Advocacy kills marriage.

These 21st-century ideologies are not worth it in marriage. These current ideologies do not match with old and foundational ideologies like marriage. Embracing feminism as a wife, will turn you into a toxic woman and this is where we say, “a foolish woman destroys their own home”. 

23. Male Chauvinism kills marriage.

Superiority complex towards your woman would be a stupid idea. Your woman should be a friend, companion, and lover. Treat her with respect and let her participate and be part of your life. Live life together, do not treat her like a slave, she is your woman, your confidant.

24. Uncontrolled or hot Temperament, Anger kills marriage. 

In case you have anger issues, visit a therapist or get yourself a mentor to help you out of your bondage. Anger builds a home of violence and havoc. You may or your partner may end up hurting or killing family members.

25. Not understanding your role and position, not taking responsibility in marriage as instituted by God kills marriage. 

Know your duties and responsibilities as a man or woman of the house. Play your roles well and your home will stand. As a man, go out, grind and ensure your home is well provided and protected. As a woman, ensure everyone eats diet, the house is well provided and everyone has peace of mind. Remember, a foolish woman destroys their own home.

26. Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical needs of your spouse kills marriage

Complimenting each other in every aspect as partners foster a great home. Sensitivity to spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical needs pulls a home to a halt. In case, you have a physically challenged partner, you ought to be there for them, support them.

27. When anything threatens the position & security of a wife this kills marriage.

Marriage should offer security, especially to the woman. She should be the wife, her position as wife and mother of your home should be well defined. Boundaries should be defined, family members and friends should not meddle in your marriage issues.   

28. Lack of Knowledge & Obedience to the word of God kills marriage. 

Spirituality in couples is an important aspect for both peace of mind and achieving spiritual nourishment. Having knowledge and obedience to Scriptures will guide your home to peace, harmony, and spirituality as a whole. 

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