3 Top Most Principles Everyone Must Have

3 Top Most Principles Everyone Must Have

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3 Top Most Principles Everyone Must Have

Hi friend! Hope you understand the principle of principles! The importance of principles in your life and the different types of principles. If not just go through “what are your personal principles?” before reading this wonderful piece. You realize how important principles are in your life but you cannot have them all. Even the best student in class cannot be good in everything but we all are good in something!

Okay! Out of all principles, today we discuss three very paramount pillars for one’s life. When embraced with soberness and respect, you will have a life full of control and prosperity. People choose guiding principles so as to be planned, focused and prosperous in their desires and ambitions. The following are the three top most principles everyone must have:

Spiritual Growth

The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. Fearing God here simply means respecting and following diligently His instructions and teachings to us. From whatever religion you are, all have fundamental values and teachings which guide members of that religion. These teachings and values should be part of your life, respect and never go astray. By doing so you will have peace of mind and everyone will respect you.

We are human beings made of flesh thus weak in controlling our will and desires. Seeking spiritual growth always from the word of God will be helpful. The word of God will shape us to a great and elite character. This principal of seeking spiritual growth always will guide and prevent us from world pleasures which bring us nothing but sorrow and death.

Imagine a situation where everyone respected who they are and where they came from! We could not have people drinking alcohol, fornicating, stealing, dressing inappropriately and all sorts of injustice in our society today. It’s unfortunate that many have forgotten who they are or they are just being lured by the pleasures of the world.

Family Relationships

Family is very important to everyone, it defines your origin and bloodstream. Make it a point to respect your people no matter what, either they are your biological parents, brothers, sisters, family relatives, guardians or your wonderful children. This is your family. Learn to live with them even in a case of misunderstanding.

Respecting and recognizing your nuclear family comes with good luck in what you do. Their support plays a bigger role in your progress in life. Make peace always with your relatives. In case of quarrels with your parents be wise enough, swallow your pride and make peace with them. By doing this, you will be building yourself a peaceful world.

Financial Stability

Being financially stable is another good principle in this century. Financial instability brings frustrations, hopelessness and sadness in one’s life. No one wishes to be in that society. In fact, for you to support your family and Gods work well, you have to be financially stable. In this pillar, wisdom is required, you have to think smart. A pipeline of income which never dries must be built.

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Investment will be required in this principle, never depend on salary alone you will never make it in life. Have your different projects which will generate money for you and your family. Invest on asserts that pay you instead of liabilities which you spend money on them.

Note: There are many principles that one can have, all you need to do is choose the ones which will make you a better person. You can approach your principle selection process by using your weaknesses, let the principles you choose help you eliminate your feebleness.

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