4 Qualities a Man should have Before you Marry Him

4 Qualities a Man should have Before you Marry Him

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Every woman has a preference for a man they want. Any man that does not come along with these preferences listed is dangerous, not bad.  They are things that when a man does not possess and you get married to them you invite disaster into your life. Ensure the man you marry has the following four qualities.

God fearing

If your man is not God-fearing, then you have no business talking to them about relationships or marriage. What do I mean by God-fearing? It means having reference and respect for God, submitting to the ways of God and the word of God as the final authority in all matters. Realize fearing God is not having faith or believing in God. You can have faith in God yet no respect and reference to Him.

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There should be no diversity in how you perceive God. There is no man who is bad, no human is bad, the ideology in them at a given time, the approach may be bad, but they are not bad. If a man is guided by the will of God, a great family will stand, but if he uses his personal will trouble and disaster will befall that marriage. There is nothing excellent as a man, especially a young man who has submitted to the ways of God. This should be the first quality you look for in a man, not the car he came with, clothes, shoes, or his looks.


Is he responsible? Never marry a man who is irresponsible. A man should be able to demonstrate high responsibility. Be well aware of the cost dimensions of life. This means anything that should be done, then it should be done, or they should see it done. Young men in the 21st century are facing a tragedy, they have been over-pampered. Being over pampered is not necessarily they come from a rich home, they can be from a humble background too. 

This happens when a parent is overprotective and controlling over their sons. A young man should be trained to be a man so that by the time they are 18 years old they are responsible, they know what to do at a given time. Irresponsibility produces laziness, and you do not want to live with such heavy baggage. It will be great if you get an initiator and not a recipient, responsible men can provide for their family. A man should have the willingness to grow and fulfill the necessary needs of life.

Submit to an Earthly Authority

He should submit to an earthly authority for mentorship, building, and correction. He should have an authority figure to guide him through earthly life decisions. The authority can be an elder, pastor, a leader, or even a work mentor. These people will always keep him in check when he tries to go astray. This 21st century has changed things, young people are living in a dilemma, but those who will survive are those who can embrace the fundamental principles of life. 

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Pray that you won’t get into a marriage where the man is the ‘god’ of family. The day he decides to beat you all, it will be catastrophic and painful. Let your man show you plainly what authority figures are in his life. You should know these figures because after you are married, his people will be your people. Am not saying you should be married to a churchgoer, no, get married to someone whose ideologies and beliefs come from God. 

This 21st century has changed things, young people are living in a dilemma, but those who will survive are those who can embrace the fundamental principles of life. 

Passion for you

The man should have passion for you, not love. Passion is an adjective that qualifies the extent of love. Do not be carried away when they tell you, “I love you” this phrase in this 21st century has been misused. They will use it with the wrong intentions, so open your eyes and be vigilant. Any man with no passion for you will be unfaithful at some point. 

The man you choose should be a friend that sticks closer than a brother. In a marriage with no passion, there must be unfaithfulness. Do not be lured into emotions, emotions are not passion. Passion is the depth of the resolve within you that you have gotten satisfaction and fulfillment, no need for another person.

Let me hope these four qualities a man should have before you marry him will guide you to a happy marriage. 

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