7 Ways to Break Your Social Media Addiction

7 Ways to Break Your Social Media Addiction

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7 Ways to Break Your Social Media Addiction

Social media use has brought some creepy addiction in our generation today. That feeling of missing out and the fear of missing out, has brought excessive use of social platforms to alarming levels. Social media addiction is a form of modern bondage and servitude. You may be stuck in this addiction, here are ways to break your social media addiction and become free again.

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Have a good purpose and motive

When using such platforms, you need a concreate purpose and motive. You may want to share a picture, post or chat with a friend, let your motive be positive. The platform is not a place for expressing your anger, relationship pleasantries or quarrels, nude photos and anything deemed private. This is a platform for networking, sharing your good moments (not in details), and sharing knowledge.

Limit social media time

Find a way of reducing your social media time. Choose a specific moment, it can be in the morning or evening. This instant should be your free time and never your working time. Social media is a luxury and should never be slotted in your critical and productive time. I recommend you use half an hour to one hour for social media in every twenty-four hours. Exceeding an hour becomes an addiction and a waste of your precious time.

Limit social media accounts

You don’t have to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snap Chat. Having all these accounts will make you have a reason to waste time, you have to post and access all these accounts every day. I recommend you select a maximum of two, your best choice and which your friends use. This will help in reducing the energy and time used on social media thus preventing you from the scorching addiction.

Get a new hobby

Get something different to divert you from accessing the media. Choose hobbies which are more practical like swimming, playing a game of your choice, reading educative novels and books and you can participate in charity or community activities. By doing this you won’t get time to waste on social platforms. For parents spend time with your children and partner. Young people should spend time with their parent, these moments are always cherish-able and precious.

Choose wisely and be confident of what you post

You always post what you think is good and you would like your friends to see. Incase you post something and get few likes and shares never feel bad. Be confident and avoid post many photos to prove a point or attract attention, be wise. Choose wisely what you post, to avoid being judged and criticized negatively. This is because many people are not prone to negative criticism on social media. Never share private photos of you, your spouse or relative, in can cause issues.

Be selective when reading and viewing posts

There is this post with a photo and a caption saying ‘select your best sex position in the picture below’. Shocking part on such posts is that you will find thousands of likes, comments and shares on it. Imagine a well known married woman or man responding to such and the next day is seen in the market. People will start imaging your sex position you prefer which is supposed to be a private affair.

All am saying, never read, view, like, comment or share such posts. If you do this for a period of time, you will never see such posts on your feeds. The platforms are set in a way that what you like, share and comment on most is what will appear most on your updates and notifications.

Turn off instant pop ups and notifications or Freeze your social media apps

By turning off social media apps instant pop-ups and notifications on your phone, you prevent yourself from being distracted from what you are doing. These notifications take your attention always, the moment your phone makes some noise you are there you want to see what is going on. This feeling of missing out is very dangerous.

You can also install apps on your phone which can freeze your social applications from not being active and giving unnecessary notifications. This will enable you manage your use of social media fittingly.

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Hope these 7 Ways to Break Your Social Media Addiction have helped you abundantly. In case you have other ways of stopping social media addiction kindly share them on our comments section below. Cheers!

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