Advice for ladies in the 21st century

Advice for ladies in the 21st century

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Advice for ladies in the 21st century

Advice for ladies in the 21st century, from a heart full of love. We know the men have a lot of issues they need to address, but it is easy to forget that it takes two to tango. Here is advice for issues that women need, to be honest about and address. Today, a lot has been said and perceived about men, allowing me to be frank with you ladies.

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1. Men are visual creatures

Men are visual creatures.  A little effort goes a long way. I know and understand the challenges of motherhood, work, study, career, but it doesn’t hurt to put some effort into looking good for your man.

Let your man be proud of you. We are not talking about perfection here.  Just some little effort. Get rid of those old rugged blouses and skirts that you can’t let go of, buy new clothes. Such a little effort can spice up your relationship in a great way.

It is said cleanliness is second to Godliness. Lady, cleanup always, a good woman is that who can keep clean. Never walk around smelling like an old he-goat. Uncleanliness is a total turn-off to men. Your people will disown you too, brothers, and uncles if you smell bad.

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2. Kick out those ladies with toxic advice

Kick those toxic friends out of your life. Never listen to their many words which lack value. Many ladies have destroyed their homes because of listening to advice from people who are bitter about their relationships. How can a Camel give Swimming lessons to a Whale?

They will advise you to prepare for your break up, buy plots and houses. Never prepare for a breakup because you are there to stay. Marriage is a death to self and a vulnerable embrace of another human being, nothing hidden under the table.

If you want to listen to that friend of yours advising you to deny him sex to teach him a lesson, go ahead, but know that you will end up just like her. Only listen to those people who are living today the dream you have for your tomorrow.

Only listen to those people who are living today the dream you have for your tomorrow.

3. Prayer Cannot replace Obedience

Your prayer cannot replace obedience. You cannot pray yourself out of an express instruction from God and his word that you know demands obedience. Learn how to pray and become obedient.

The scriptures say do not withhold your bodies from each other, yet you are busy getting into bed in full armor, clothed like a bomb detonation expert, dismissing his advances yet you still pray and bind the spirit of “lust” from him.

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Sister, your husband’s love for sex is not a demon to be bound, it is a gift to be embraced. Submission is key for your marriage to thrive. Have the wisdom to know when to pray, and when to step out in obedience.  

 4. Your husband is also a human being 

Your husband is a human being, not a machine or robot. Learn to find out how he is before demanding that he does this and that. Right now, do you know the one thing on top of his mind? Are you a safe place for him to share his deepest fears and desires? 

Do you like the rest of the world place demands without providing support? Can he be himself with you or does he have to earn acceptance by doing certain things you demand?

 5. Be faithful to your man

Ladies, be faithful to your man. Stop these flirting games, you are playing at the edge of a cliff. You are a fully married woman and are busy commenting online that some man “is a snack”. Oh may, that’s no joke sister.

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You are flirting with some characters in your inbox, thinking it is ‘innocent’. Oh, the ignorance and degradation. Are you a woman of virtue growing in wisdom and grace or only growing your breasts, thighs, and ass?

6. Men treasure Peace

Lastly, the thing men treasure most under the sun in peace. A man wants to come home to peace. Now let us be honest here. Some of us have a Ph.D. in sarcasm and a Master’s degree in nagging. A man gets into the house and it is endless complaints, nagging, and sarcasm from his woman.

That is the reason why some men stay in the car when they get home for hours. They are in a toxic marriage and afraid to step into the house and be met with piercing and acidic words.  Ladies, your ratio is 5:1. For every complaint, you bring to the table find five things to celebrate him about.

What other advice do you have for our lovely ladies? Write it down in the comment section below and advise a sister.

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