Boy Child vs Girl Child! (The Child)

Boy Child vs Girl Child! (The Child)

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Boy Child vs Girl Child! (The Child)

We have seen heated debates between empowering the boy child and the girl child all over the world. Many non – profit organizations, governments and private sectors seems to be in favor of the girl child because they are too vulnerable. It is very unfortunate, after a long time to realize that all these mighty stakeholders missed a point in this sensitive subject. Empowering the child was the best move to make then before this mayhem we face today, but they say better late than never. Our society has another chance to make this right.

The boy child has been neglected due to assumptions that they are strong and can make it easily compared to the girl child. There is no platform for them to access the different opportunities, training and moral upbringing, here is where the plan went wrong. Both the boy child and girl child require intense empowerment, training and moral nurturing in order to have a balanced society. When the boy child is neglected and the girl child protected we compromise the girl child future because the boy child will be there as a threat and vise versa.

Let’s ask ourselves some sincere questions, with no bad intentions though. Why most of our career women today never get married? Why has rape become so rampant, and when the law comes in nothing is done? When will a woman be out late at night and no one will be worried about their safety? When will men be free from drugs? When will men become true gentlemen and with good morals in our society? When will girl child and boy child abuse and molestation end?

Social crisis is the worst thing that can happen to a society.

All the above questions need concrete and precise answers. When the girl child is neglected, men won’t get good wives, they will lack knowledge thus rendering them poor decision makers, the role of a woman in the society will be in crisis and immorality will be at its peak. On the other hand, when the boy child is neglected we shall lack security in our society, women will lack husbands to love and take care of them, the role of man in the society will be in crisis and peace will never be seen.

The government, non-profit organization, religious societies and parents should stop being bias when it comes to educating, training and nurturing the child. Both genders play vital role in our society and none can exist by itself, this is why we should focus on the child rather than boy child or girl child. Empowering one side will lead to disproportion among ourselves, this will definitely cause a social crisis. Social crisis is the worst thing that can happen to a society. This is what causes rape, marital, political and religious conflicts and many more.

Society should focus on empowering the child that is both the boy child and the girl child. They should be brought up by imparting good morals in them. As they grow they should undergo intense training on different relevant skills and knowledge. By doing this we will be preparing our child for a better future. When both acquire good morals cases of rape and harassment will never exist, men and women will marry and live together at peace. Balance, progress and development will conquer our society.

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