Spiced 04: Caught Cheating with his wife’s friend

Spiced 04: Caught Cheating with his wife’s friend

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Currently, this prevalence sounds no big news to people, but what makes a man cheat with his wife’s friend? What happened to the values which were cherished by our forefathers? When did our mindsets rapture? It’s very sad to see how human beings have decided to renounce social values and embrace money as the only thing. Marriage is not respected by many, something must have gone wrong somewhere. Where is our self-discipline as a society? What happened to our current generation?

Having money with no values its nothing. Having values with the money it’s something big.

Anyway, let’s look at this incidence of Mr. Tom, who is married to Sarah. He takes Vivian, who is Sarahs’ friend for a nightstand. Sarah gets informed and gathers a few friends to go help ambush the husband, from their secret hotel room. You can imagine the anger and thoughts going through Sarah’s mind. At the hotel, the person in charge of the premises pretends to not understand what was going on and tried to stop them from going in. Sarah knew the room number, and they bulged in by force. At the door, they banged loudly and screaming at them to come out. Tom opened the door.

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(Below is the conversation that’s transpired all through the drama. I decided to put it here so that you can analyze the occurrence and see how better you could have handled the situation either as a victim or friend.)

Tom: What’s going on here?
(He does not show a sign of shock or shame after seeing his wife. The wife tries to get in but he blocks her.)
Sarah: Let go of me. (She pushed herself inside to witness. She found Vivian wrapping herself with a towel.) I thought you were my friend, this is what you do to me?
Vivian: Please talk to your husband about this, I am sorry! (Pretending to be very weak and sorry emotionally.)
Sarah: You are sleeping with my man?
Vivian: It’s not what you think.
(Everything was obvious from the scene, how they looked, it seemed they had a very steamy and abominable moment.)

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Sarah’s Friend: This is your friend, right? (Addressing Vivian.)
Sarah: You’re my friend how could you do this to me? I used to confide in you, I confided in you about my relationship and this is what you do to me?
Vivian: I’m sorry, my dear listen!
Sarah’s Friend: Look condoms! (He points at a packet of condoms on the floor) You are sleeping with your friend’s man!
Sarah: You whore. You are a whore. (she tries to slap her but could not reach her face)

Vivian: You don’t satisfy him, that’s why he came to me. Why did he come to me? You’re also a whore. You don’t satisfy him that’s why he left you. You have to do better. It’s your fault. If you did he wouldn’t have come to me. You are terrible in bed.
(It this point dialogue was falling, they both started to get emotional, dialogue is always the best way to solve a problem only when the involved are emotionally stable. In this case, none was stable and decided to fight with words The people around at such a moment also play a big role, it will depend on their experience, they may help or worsen the situation. In this case they had no good support. If it’s you, how would you handle this situation?)

Sarah: Do you hear her? You are a whore!
Vivian: Yes, but you’re a terrible lover, that’s why your man is always with me. I was doing you a favor by using condoms! I was doing you a favor. (Vivian is trying to protect and justify her actions, words get in and affect an individual, after being called a whore she gets angry and attacks back with harsh words.)
Sarah: What favor?
Vivian: Your husband and I don’t usually use condoms! (This is shocking and hilarious at the same time, how on earth can this be favor?) All you do is sit around and make children.

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Sarah’s Friend: Exchanging words and fighting won’t help. (This friend is not that helpful, after enjoying listening to them exchanging the damaging words know he gets the power to talk. The damage is already done)
Vivian: Your husband was with me just now. He left you at home. If you satisfied him, he’d have been with you.
Sarah’s Friend: You’re sleeping with her man, and you’re her best friend that’s the problem. So why all the outbursts, about her not satisfying him?
Vivian: Why did she call me a whore?
Sarah’s Friend: But she caught you with her man? (The argument turns out to be a battle of questions)

Vivian: It doesn’t matter anyway, why was her man pursuing me?
Sarah’s Friend: What do you mean?
Vivian: He pushed me, not the other way round.
Sarah’s Friend: Why did you open your legs for him?
Vivian: I did it because his wife can’t do what’s expected of her. (This statement makes Sarah angry and grabs Vivian’s hair and starts pulling) Let go of me
Sarah’s Friend: No, hold on please, stop fighting.

Vivian: That’s why your man is with me. If you weren’t such a terrible lover, he wouldn’t need me. Stop opening your legs and giving your husband babies. That’s what you’re good at, making babies, you’re just a baby-making machine. You need to do something about your bedroom skills. You’re terrible. What do you think your husband wants from me! What does he want? I always used to console you, I was doing you a favor. I wanted to see how smart you were, you’re stupid. Very stupid.
Sarah’s Friend: Lady, you can’t say that. She is your best friend!
Vivian: She’s dumb.

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Sarah: I will show you! how could you do this to me? (Sarah wants to fight now)
Sarah’s Friend: Get out please lady.
Vivian: Show me, bitch!
Sarah’s Friend: Let’s get out of the yard, let us go elsewhere and solve this issue.
Vivian: Show me!
Sarah’s Friend: let us all get out.
Sarah: I will get you.
Vivian: No, I will get you. You are a terrible lover, learn some bedroom skills. You’re terrible You’re bad in bed, you’re bad, you’re a whore who is bad in bed. You’re bad in bed. You’re cold in bed. Very cold. You need to learn. You’re good at making babies.

Sarah: (Hits his husband hard) See what you have done to me. (All this while they had forgotten about him and yet he was the source of all this fight)
Vivian: He is the problem. Hit him. Again, beat him!
Tom: Stop! What’s the matter? What’s wrong?
Other People: Dude, what’s going on? Why are they fighting over you? What’s wrong with you. Why are you sleeping around? Why are you cheating on your wife? Huh?
(At this time they are outside, besides a road. People are surrounding them and others enjoying, sad and wondering what is happening)

Tom: Get out of my way
Sarah’s Friend: We found you doing something against our values. We want to know what’s going on between you and her. You have a wife and kids, remember.
Tom: What do you want me to say?
Sarah: You lied to me, you said you were in the pub.
Tom: You are causing a scene. Let me talk.
Sarah: Don’t tell me I am causing a scene. (She slaps him, and people pull her away) Let go of me.
Sarah’s Friend: My dear you asked me to come and help you just don’t fight him. Tom, you have children with her yet you’re sleeping with her friend?
Tom: Yes!
Sarah’s Friend: How come?
Tom: I messed up, I know, I didn’t mean for it to happen, Don’t humiliate me like this.

Okay, this is absurd, if you think this incident is normal then your discipline as an individual is wanting. Such things connect to many bad things happening in our society today. Discipline and respect of societal values should be instilled again in this generation and I don’t care how, we need to go back there, to our roots. We can’t live like this and expect to be united and develop! It’s always funny seeing people enjoying such incidences instead of condemning them. On social media, people would openly agree its a normal thing, this is not normal at all. We are having a breakdown of our morals and respect as a society.

Just imagine you are the victim, your husband or wife is sleeping around? This is not the life we want, we are supposed to focus on important matters on development and building a great future for our generation to come. As a married couple, you must demonstrate a good example to the younger generation and that’s how you contribute to building a better and great future for them.

I would love to hear your opinions and solutions about this story either from the comments section below or shoot me an email.


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