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By Jefftizo, For Kenya

She is cute and he is handsome,
why do they hate each other?
they are intolerant and contemptuous,
yet we are all the same,
wonderfully and fearfully made,
yes, we are Africans from the blessed land of Africa,
proud of our heritage and culture,
embrace one another and support each other,
give one another warmth,
you can’t be alone,
you are not an island,
rather a social being with the needs of social bonds.
why be contemptuous?

You despise your own men,
yet without them, you could not have existed,
you loathe your own women,
yet you stayed comfortably in their womb for nine months,
stop! stop! stop! stop! this rubbish,
don’t shit in a bowl you eat from,
as Blacks let us be one,
love one another and be proud of ourselves,
love yourself then other people will love you equally.
why be contemptuous?

I wonder what will happen when you get dispised by the other race,
yet you disdain your own,
who will you be? Alien!
shun superiority complex, it’s disastrous more than Covid 19,
it kills your ego, clouds your best mind, turns you inhuman,
those with superiority complex are sick in mind,
I will persist and insist on mutual respect and love,
without fear of contradiction,
we are one and blessed with everything,
Why be contemptuous?

Look around, we are blessed beyond measure,
nice beautiful landscapes with fresh air,
wildlife in abundance, resources in plenty,
learn to protect the riches of your land,
the male ostrich in the dry savannah protects eggs for its lover,
female lion hunts for the male, male protects the pride,
its love, unity, protection of what belongs to them,
we ought to do the same,
Why be contemptuous?

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