Corruption Corruption Corruption !!! Who to be Blamed?

Corruption Corruption Corruption !!! Who to be Blamed?

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Corruption Corruption Corruption !!! Who to be Blamed

Corruption has consumed all good virtues in our society. When you walk around our beautiful countries you will hear many blaming their government!! Really!! Is our states corrupt? I don’t think so; we need to rethink this issue before we blame our great governments. I will help you think!!! Are the people representing us in the government not citizens? Were they not brought up in the same life setting as yours? Did they use the same education system as yours in primary, secondary and university? Who taught them corruption then?

After answering the questions, I believe you comprehend that government is not guilt but the people. You and I have made our governments to observe corruption. The government sectors have all long been tainted by this spree of corruption and none is out of danger, these include education, economy, health and industrial sectors. We are facing a large-scale corruption cataclysm in our beloved countries but only you and I can amend this.

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Our society is to blame. Society has accepted a certain way of living which has created an environment for growth of corruption. Imagine everyone is in a rush in fact flash, when you ask them, “why flash?” they have nothing to say they just bite their tongue. Learning how to plan is one thing and planning is another thing, we are preaching water while we take wine. It’s crazy out here, something must be done. Everyone is after some shortcuts to get something, in the process committing a ‘crime’. They want to feed a new born baby with ‘Ugali’, will that baby survive?

Now that we have got the point, we should shun from this intimidating and sickening ghost. Remember we belong to autonomous states, when we show the governments we are not corrupt and do not like it, unquestionably they will reciprocate. Everyone should be an ambassador of demarcating this ailing plague in our country, when you see it reasonably shout, rebuke and it will stop. Let’s educate our youth and children in a proper way and not induce them with corruption spree.

Just take some few minutes and specifically imagine your country in a state where there is no corruption completely in all corners of the country! What are you seeing? Personally, am seeing a country highly developed and urbanized more than the very great nations, more powerful than Super power and a country full of transparency, efficiency, fairness and tranquility. This is amazing! Good citizens please, let us change for our own good. We cannot do it at once but if you start by showing an example your friends will join and that will instigate need for change in our society.

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