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By Jefftizo, For Men

Oh, my brother, Why? Why? Why?
Who instilled unnecessary anxiety in you?
What God has blessed you with, is enough,
Do not increase the size,
Your stick of manhood is fine,
Do not consider extenders, vacuum devices,
Pills, lotions, and surgery,
Cease from that evil thought,
Our forefathers did not do such,
We should not do that too,
Your average length and girth, okay.

Who told you it is small and you need enlargement?
Can’t you urinate or make love?
I do not understand, what is the problem?
The side effects are not worth it,
Do you want to start walking like a crocodile?
Why mutilate and stretch your penile tissue?
Don’t you fear to have weaker erections?
Increment will make it flaccid,
It will feel like it’s not yours,
Satisfaction rate will diminish,
They come in all shapes and sizes,

Is it micro? Still, you can do something,
They do not like it too big,
They like it functional to the end of game,
What is your suffering?
Is it impotence or erectile dysfunction?
Let me enlighten you with wisdom,
Acumen from our forefathers,
Pills and creams won’t help you,
Learn to use what you got,
A lazy workman blames their tools
Anyway, I feel you, my dear brother,

Enlargement has lethal side effects,
Can lead to your stick removal,
Who will you be, man or woman?
Your identity would have vanished,
Terminate negative feelings about size,
Why inhibit your enjoyment?
Enlargement does not work!
None of them work,
Instead, build self-esteem,
Correct distorted ideas of body image,
Use your common sense,

Do not be size-obsessed friend,
Average-sized is not below average,
You are normal and perfect,
Change your perception,
How do you even gauge your size?
Reverse your psychology, mindset,
Obsessed idea, they’re too small,
They worry their stick is too small,
Yet it’s normal, needn’t be concerned,
Do not focus body image issues to your stick,
Build your self-esteem,

Amend distorted views on what makes people attractive,
Get fit by exercising frequently,
Eat well, fruits, cereals, vegetables,
Clear your cancerous thoughts,
Feed your mind with fresh thoughts,
Get into shape feel more attractive,
This will improve your sex life,
Do not go around making love like chicken!
It’s not food to eat every day,
Embrace it with moderation,
Be faithful, be faithful, be faithful.

Poem: Contemptuous

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