Eradicating Rape in our Schools

Eradicating Rape in our Schools

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Eradicating Rape in our Schools

A rape incident in a school dormitory! a girl’s school? Where did this dragon attacking our innocent daughters come from? Are our daughters safe with male teachers and staff members? Where is the flex in our today’s society? Am shocked to see, only students, parents, politicians, teachers, detectives and anti-rape crusaders getting concerned. This is a societal issue, where are religious leaders, community elders, envoys, influential comrades everyone else and you!

A 24-year-old teacher called a 15-year-old girl to the staff-room at around 5 during the morning studies. The innocent girl gets raped just like that by someone who is supposed to be their protector and teacher. These incidents are unfortunate and traumatizing to our young girls and should be fought with all necessary mechanisms, never should they happen again. Tight policies and measures should be implemented immediately to bring balance and security to our girls.

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Stop cover-ups and conspiracies

This tendencies of cover-ups and conspiracies during such incidences is one of the annoying mess. School authorities always prefer hiding such occurrences to protect the image of the school, their jobs and the culprit. By doing so they increase the probability of the same happening, justice must always be served to set standards and societal beliefs. Let the ones involved lose their jobs and get charged accordingly, who cares about an inhuman humanoid.

Male teachers and staff members

Male teachers and staff members in girls’ schools need to be scrutinized widely, we need to invade their private life, who are they married to? Who do they date? How good is their love life? In my opinion, male teachers and staff member who are not married or have complicated marriage should never teach or work in a girl’s school. This is because their likelihood to temptation is very high and no assumption should be made when handling our girl’s safety.

School Security

Physical safety, is another aspect to be crisscrossed professionally. A lady’s school both primary and secondary, should have a strong and high perimeter walls. The entry points should be highly guarded and monitored. All possible security measures should be implemented, this includes CCTV cameras, Sniffer Dogs, Alarms and electric fences. Such places should be declared a no-go zone for unauthorized persons, those coming in should be scrutinized and monitored too. The girls’ hostels should be restricted, no male species should be allowed around there, this includes male teachers.

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Self Defense Skills

Young ladies should be taught about rape and self defense skills in case of an attack. They should not be helpless when it happens, they rather get hurt and heal after than being raped. Rape never heals, it leaves a permanent scar on their dignity and innocence. Young ladies both in primary and secondary schools should undergo intense training’s and rape education seminars frequently. Giving them such knowledge will prevent them from being in the wrong place, with wrong people, with wrong dress code at the wrong times.


There is a great task of creating awareness to the society, people need to know that raping is an abomination. People should not allow it happen and whoever commits such should be shunned and dealt with mercilessly. Family members, clansmen, tribesmen should vehemently push against rape and when one of their own becomes the culprit, severe punishment should be administered. Protecting the offenders brings curse and bad luck to such families, clans and tribes.

Religious Beliefs

We are a religious society, you are either a Christian, Muslim Buddhist or any other religious affiliation. These religious affiliations have strong beliefs against defilement and people should live together in harmony, our religious leaders should take charge and preach against rape. Rape is sinful and the reward of sin is death, rapist will never inherit the Kingdom of God, they will perish in hell. Rape brings curse and bad luck to the perpetrators and their families.

Thanks for reading and let’s be ambassadors against rape in our society. In case you have an opinion on eradicating rape in our schools kindly leave your comment below.


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