Evolutionary Mismatch in Dating Styles among Men

Evolutionary Mismatch in Dating Styles among Men

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Today, let me talk about men and dating!  Dating in general it’s always a nightmare adventure for most young single men in this generation.Dating formulas have really advanced or rather become progressively worse. Whatever was happening during our hunter gatherers ancestors is totally different today. Before, proper structures existed for men to get partners, today it’s a bit tricky because after embracing democracy and civilization dating is seen and perceived as an individual affair.

Courting a lady (One on One) is not for the faint hearted. It’s for Real Men!  

The process of convincing a girl to be yours has been taken to social media. We have dating sites and social platforms that allow young men to approach ladies virtually. In these platforms, a man will get to know a lady, convince them and agree when to meet for actual dating. This process is a bit boring because dating is supposed to be fun when done on a one on one basis. Direct communication makes the objective more serious and romantic.  

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On the other hand, one on one courting has many successful cases compared to social media courting.Dispositions noted on this hypothesis is that one on one courting is more real,the individuals have access to each other’s feelings and perceptions. Making decisions weather to the date the other becomes easy and final because its based on actual experience.

Online dating has its several shortcomings, the partners may accept to date each other but that decision is not final. In their conscious they would say, “Let me just accept, then I will confirm about their beauty or virtues when we meet in person and I will make my final decision then!”.   Normally, courting advances depending online platforms lack rapport between the partners because they basically don’t know each other.

Most men persuading ladies on social media lack strong self-esteem and confidence. Some are very poor communicators and have broken personalities. Such men also will have a tendency of showing less affection because they don’t know how to do it. Men who prefer to have a one on one with ladies are more romantic, they find it easy to create rapport and show affection to the maximum.

How should real men undertake their dating projects? Yes! That’s an amazing question for any man to ask themselves. Unless as a man you want to be caught up on this generation Evolutionary Mismatch trap. As a man you need to revisit the older ways of courting, though not necessarily exactly how they did it before. Approach your lady physically and give them a warm smile and greeting. Then pour out your dispositions with no fear, be smart, eloquent and articulate each line with that manly touch.

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Use the media when necessary, by doing this you will get to know her so well and whether that thing you feel about her has any lifespan. Approaching a lady as an individual,it gives you that sense of respect to yourself thus building your confidence and self-esteem. Courting is a serious adventure, don’t reduce it to a social media thing, use this opportunity to go places, restaurants, parks and a road trips. Have fun as you get to know someone and see how they respond and react to different aspects of life. 

If you want to stick to this Evolutionary Mismatch trap no one will judge you but be rest assured you won’t enjoy maximally the fruits of courting, epic moments, romance and erotic events. You will be just another boring fellow in the society. Don’t take this personal though.     

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