Becoming a Man: How Boys become Real Men Today

Becoming a Man: How Boys become Real Men Today

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How Boys become Real Men Today

Everyone is talking about becoming something. I would like to talk about becoming a real man. What makes a boy a man or a man a real man, a good man? Men have been blamed for many issues in the society by women. What should you have as a man that will gain you respect and dominion in these hard times? What will enable you shift your mental from boyish nature to becoming a real man? There is nothing so painful for a man to be disrespected, ignored and scorned by a woman just because they are incompetent or lack something. Such instances really break a man completely.

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I have three major steps that can be taken and enable any boy or man become a real man. A man should be guided by a code, the code you choose will determine the type of a man you become. No one should put pressure on you about what you should do or become, you are the CEO of your business. Remember, a man who cannot stand for anything falls for everything. Principles, values, virtues and beliefs are what makes a man strong and successful. The following three points when achieved fully and wholly will transform your masculinity.        

Being Smart (Use your brain)

One of the most important virtue for a man is being smart always in everything you do. Be smart in education, social life and business, this will make you more attractive to not only women but the society at large. You become a man with a value that’s seen and admirable. Become creative and a problem solver in things which seem to be challenging and complex.

Grooming is another aspect of being smart, become a well-groomed young man always. Choose your good styles for grooming and ensure always you look respectable. How you groom yourself tells a lot about your sociability, behavior and personality in general. First impressions determine how people relate to you, if you dress inappropriately you won’t have access to many places.

Maximize the use of your psychological and cognitive skills, they will make you stand out among others. Be attentive, make appropriate decisions, keep good memory and network with many people effectively. Create a stable network circle which will act as your arsenal for business and other connections.  

Money (Get Money brother)

Money does not buy happiness, life and love! That is totally true. Money gives you access and dominion as a man to resources and people respectively. Without enough money your woman may end up being snatched by another man! Always strive to acquire enough money if you can’t accumulate a lot. Use your wisdom to focus your energies in getting money, money smoothens many processes in your life.

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Once my grandmother told me, “All women are beautiful my grandson”. I never understood this statement before but today life has taught me to understand. With money you can transform your woman to the level of your beauty imagination. You can buy her nice clothes, nice shoes, feed her well, take her to nice places and within no time she changes to total beauty you wanted.

Take note that money cannot provide somethings in your life like good health. Maintaining and cherishing each other’s good health would be wise. With money you will be able to undertake your responsibilities as a man courageously. Have you met a man driving a Navigator? How confident do they look when walking or talking? You see confidence, that’s what money give you.

Make your woman happy (Sexually)

When it comes to bed issues, ensure you are not lazy and sluggish. Become the dream guy for your woman, ensure you surpass her sexual imaginations and preferences if possible. Give her the best dosage, let your woman crave for you in bed always. Never give her a chance to think about other men, ensure she is content with all you give her.

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Many marriages have broken today because someone is a bit lazy in performing their duties maximumly. Your responsibility as a man is not only providing shelter, food, clothing and such but you need to do the necessary task of satisfying her intimacy needs. Today sex has evolved, new things happen, don’t be too conservative, ensure you meet both her imaginations and yours.

The major goal here is to satisfy your woman sexually nothing else. By doing this you become the wonder man to someone, you will be respected, loved and cherished as a real man. Money gives you the upper hand, that force of attraction and power within your environment. No one likes poverty, so at times we should not blame women that they are possessed with materialism. Be a man, get enough money.   

After implementation and achieving all these you become a man to be respected and adored always in your life.