How long should courtship take before marriage?

How long should courtship take before marriage?

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How long should courtship take before marriage

Today we shall look at a sample process of courtship, how long should it take? and what should be done correctly for one to get their partner for marriage. It is everyone’s wish to be in a great marriage, to be with someone for the rest of their life, for better for worse. Unfortunately, this is not the case in today’s marriage. Today marriage is short-lived, full of frustrations, quarrels and hatred. This is because the process of getting a partner has been defiled. Many have defiled Courtship thinking that it’s out of age, not cool and a boring process thus inventing their own courtship styles.

Dating should take minimally one year. Month one and two starts immediately after identifying someone and have decided to be dating. This time you are supposed to use it majorly to know each other well. Get to know the basic and general details about your partner, let them also know something about you too. In this stage don’t rush things and never open up too much this can be destructive. During this time sex should never be a subject in your dialog, this should be stored for marriage.

Month three and four get to know family members and relatives. Due to difference in family cultures, beliefs and connections ensure you select relatives who are very close to you. Choose those who will give you healthy support, guidance and appreciations to introduce to your partner. Among them should be your parents or guardians, this will make your dating experience official and you will have confidence all through. Introducing your partner to family members will help discourage ‘hyenas’ and ‘not serious’ individuals thus you protect yourself from being heart broken.

“To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. People eventually get sick of waiting, take a chance on someone, and by the art of commitment become soulmates, which takes a lifetime to perfect.”
― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

You see, dating must involve going together for social gatherings, seminars, church worship, weddings and all good places. This stage is very important for the partners because it allows them to bond as couples and it will be prudent to start this in month five and six of your courtship. After this activity commencement it should be continuous process all through your life.

When engaged partners give themselves time to decide whether they can go on to marriage ties. After knowing your partner very well and there family it’s time to decide if you are ready for marriage. This is supposed to be done earlier because it becomes dangerous if takes long then you break up causing emotional stress and pain to your partner or yourself. Month seven and eight will be the appropriate time for such activity. In case of a breakup, ensure you use the appropriate breakup strategy.

In month nine and ten, if you realize there is no possibilities for marriage let your dating and relationship stop harmoniously. Breaking up with someone needs wisdom and discretion because it’s a painstaking process. In case you decided to go on with dating towards marriage that would be a great step in your life. Start planning about your future together in terms of health, religion, shelter, money and many other projects which will empower your marriage.

Let your parents and close people know and start planning for your marriage and your future plans. This should happen in month eleven and twelve, make your marriage intentions official and follow all procedures required to achieve it. By doing all this you will have a healthy marriage with a genuine love.

Courtship can take more than one year depending on the situation you are in but the most important thing is to ensure you undergo all the outlined activities above. The activities will determine and confirm whether you can stay together for the rest of your life as husband and wife.

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