How Sexual Involvement before Marriage Delays your Success

How Sexual Involvement before Marriage Delays your Success

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How Sexual Involvement before Marriage Delays your Success

Sexual Involvement before marriage, has become regular and a way of life among the youth. The greater part of the society has accepted this trend, which has led to many incompetent, less active and uninspiring young individuals. Sex before marriage is being supported with useless myths and ideologies among our teenagers. This is totally wrong, because it has made our young generation lose focus of their future. Today I would like to discuss how sexual involvement before marriage hinders you from your success and destiny.

It’s against Gods plan

It’s against Gods plan! that makes it a sin. The success you are looking for, comes from God, going against His directives makes you miss blessings or receive them after your confession. “1 Corinthians 7:8-9, To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single, as I am. But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion”. Clearly, the scripture here is against sex before marriage.

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Unwanted pregnancy and abortion

Unwanted pregnancy and abortion has brought pain, war, hate, unhappiness, disappointment, discouragement and disgrace to many young people both boys and girls in one way or another. Young ladies have destroyed their fertile reproductive systems through abortions. Pregnancy has rendered others fathers and mothers pre-maturely, has forced many to stop studying and instead work. This disruption of life has made many lose focus on their ambitions and goals in life.

Such incidences lead to pre-parental responsibilities. With no experience and having to undertake parental responsibilities, causes a lot of confusion in life. As an individual you will never be yourself again and if you manage, it will take a while, a lot of energy and pain. Being a parent to a child you never planned for, being a wife or husband to someone you don’t love at all becomes undesirable and painful lifestyle.

Health risk

Sexual immorality before marriage leads to serious health risks, like contacting STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), HIV/AIDS and other body diseases. Someone will always look beautiful and handsome, but you will never know their health condition by just a look. Having a physical contact with one or multiple partners may lead to serious skin, mouth and private parts infections. Such infections will deny you happiness, freedom and confidence in pursuing your ambitions.

Emotional stress

Contacting a disease, getting pregnant, undergoing abortion, being taken to court because of denying pre-parental responsibilities and doing the act out of marriage leads to extreme emotional stress. Many will say, the lady involved suffers the most, that is not the case, both partners experience emotional stress equally. Such actions will chew your emotions ruthlessly, leaving you with unbalanced emotions and self-assurance.

A good destiny has been prepared for you by God, He has a good plan for each and everyone of us. All you need, is being faithful to Him in your daily life by following His scriptures and teachings in the Bible. One of the well explained teachings by God, is ceasing from sexual activities until you are in marriage.

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Many young people have lamented for not being successful like others but many factors contribute to that state, one being participation in pre-marital sex. At a young age one is supposed to build themselves instead of having responsibilities of bringing up a child, caring for pregnancy and thinking about conjugal relationships. Such issues divert or delays you from achieving your goals in life, by the time you realize its going to be too late or you may end up not attaining your destiny forever.

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