How to Manage Stubborn Relatives during your Wedding

How to Manage Stubborn Relatives during your Wedding

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How to Manage Stubborn Relatives during your Wedding

Weddings! I tell you, they come once in a life time. Matrimony is a portion of Gods strategy and gift to as human beings. Wedding day, is supposed to be cherished and planned for properly with wisdom. This day is all about you and your partner, other people attend to witness the holy bonding. Though we always have people especially close relatives, who come to weddings and act as if it’s theirs yet they were not there during planning and financing of the wedding! Such people you must have a way of managing them.

Relatives are very important people in your life and during your wedding. You have to treat them well and respect who they are but there is a way you can mute stubborn relatives without causing any strife. Study your relatives and understand them well and make note of those who seem to cause trouble. The following are some of the tricks you can use to manage such relatives smoothly and have a happy wedding day.

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Never put them in your wedding committee

Take charge my friend, it’s your wedding! Ensure you know all people in your wedding committee. You should have smart, flexible and willing members. Individuals who care only about their opinions should not be close to that committee. Choose folks who are open minded and understand your expectations. They should be persons who cherish and respect you, people who are ready to deliver what is required.

Members in a wedding committee are like project managers who are given expectations of the project to deliver. Project managers never work on their own expectations but they work towards achieving sponsors, stakeholders, investors or owners expectations. Your committee members should work towards achieving your expectations and give you appropriate advice on the same. Any member who cannot work on your expectations is not suitable for that position.

Never assign them wedding kitchenette

A person in charge of wedding food should have experience in organizing food for hundreds and thousands of people. Don’t choose an individual just because they are your relative yet they have no idea how to handle such task. Remember food and drinks play a big role in a wedding. When people are well fed they will enjoy the wedding. You rather appoint people with experience than just placing someone there, they will mess you up!

You will appoint some of your relatives and you would have created more problems. We always have seen in some weddings food being served to the family of bridegroom only. Sometimes it is worse the parent to bride may go home without eating. There is always such commotion when the person in charge of food has such poor and homeboy mentality. It is always wise to appoint an individual who has experience and mature enough to ensure that all people enjoy the wedding by eating and drinking.

Invite them as guests not participants

Relatives who have issues just welcome them to witness your wedding ceremony. Do not allow them to participate as maids, best men or any other assignment. Let them come and enjoy the wedding food, cheering and taking pictures only. By doing this you would have prone them from creating any scene.

They won’t have the guts to start any weird activity but concentrate on enjoying themselves. When you are a guest in a place you always don’t understand the environs. This will help because they will be green in everything, by the time they start to understand the wedding would have finished.

Let them know who is in charge of all activities

Let all your family members know who is coordinating your different wedding activities. This will help stop them when one wants to take charge of a given activity yet they were not assigned the task.

Your relatives will keep off such responsibilities and those in charge will perform their duties smoothly.

Let them understand your expectations

Wedding day, comes once in a life time. Everyone has their wish and expectations in this special day. Let the organizers, close relatives and your wedding committee understand vividly your plan very well. By doing this you prevent yourself from heart ache, frustration and disappointments.

I went to my cousin wedding and something happened which turned the wedding to the bridegroom a painful experience. The bridegroom had organized his best matching song, the one he loved most, the one he always dreamt of before he had a partner. When it was time for the bride and bridegroom to enter into the church a different song was played and they had to match in with that song instead of the one he planned for.

The bride complained the whole day. Such things happen when you don’t plan appropriately and let people understand your plans and expectations.

Give your opinion about how to best manage stubborn relatives during your wedding by leaving a comment below. Hope you learnt.

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