Influence of Thoughts to Young Adults

Influence of Thoughts to Young Adults

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Influence of Thoughts to Young Adults

Thoughts are ideas and views that run and get processed in your mind. You can have positive or negative thoughts, or both. These ideas, views or opinions can also have positive or negative influence to your general life. All age groups undergo a state of thinking and meditation, but these thoughts become more intense among the youths and adults. Today I would like, to focus more on effects of thoughts to young adults.

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Being a young adult, you face many challenges, you have to make some critical decisions for your life. This is when, you feel the need to choose a life path, define life principles to guide you through the ups and downs of life. Decisions, your actions and feelings will always come as a result of a thought.

How negative thoughts affect your life.

Have you ever seen a young person, who always under-performs in class and outside class activities? Parents, teachers and counselors will come together to find a solution in no vain. They will evaluate his/her life and realize they never abuse drugs, indulge in sexual immorality, disrespect authorities or dodge class. They can’t read this young persons’ thoughts, what is going through their mind is a mystery to them.

Normally, in this state something negative is running in this young peoples’ mind. They have been enslaved by their own thoughts. They commit all bad things in their brain by thinking repeatedly over them. A youth will confine in such thoughts because no one will ever know their secrets. Freedom of committing sexual immorality in their thoughts gives them some little comfort.

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With such venomous thoughts in place, a youth becomes unproductive, less creative and docile in every aspect of their life. Their brain becomes polluted and dirty, self-esteem disappears and inferiority becomes their potion. Such young people never participate in social activities, withdrawal consumes them. The negative thoughts lock them in unreal world of their own, they will never feel competent enough to fit in real world.

How to control your thoughts.

Avoid thinking much! Take life easy and simple. As a youth, know yourself and accept who you are. Acceptance of self is the beginning to your freedom and happiness. Having a strong control of self will enable control your thoughts, negative thoughts will be rejected by your strong and clean mind.

Your opinions, views, feelings, ideas and concepts are all you got to make it or not make it in life. I have never seen anyone yearning for a bad thing, let your good goals, ambitions and visions be inline with your daily thoughts. Remember, you can achieve anything you wish under the sun, you are just limited by your imagination.

In conclusion, I urge you to analyze your thoughts and make the necessary efforts to achieve smooth and pure thoughts. Having positive thoughts equates to pure mind, great creativity, high self-esteem, good self-image and you become a very productive and sober youth.

Hope you learnt a great deal here. Kindly don’t forget to share this to others and leave your opinion as a comment below. Cheers!

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