Journey to Boys Club

Journey to Boys Club

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I have been a lone ranger for a long time, I never wanted or felt belonging to a group. Which was a good choice after all. With time I felt I missed something, I felt lonely because I really missed making jokes, talking about football, women, politics, money and ambitions with fellow boys.  With time it down on me that something should be done very quickly before I ended up as a nerd. What I don’t like about some boys club is that they control you, snatch your values, change your mindset, waste your time and introduce you to bad habits. 

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Lucky enough I got a new approach on how to join the boys club, because you don’t just join any, you got to analyze, criticize and select what will add value in your life. I normally decline invitations to parties from my boys, especially when they don’t explain vividly the intent of the event. One day an invitation came and this time I accepted with no explanations and it really changed me. This was a fellow cohort, whom we worked together before and we were not that close. We were just going out for a barbecue, a team of four guys. I won’t explain in detail how it was but it was a memorable day for all.

Men don’t explain their emotions candidly, they can use just a word, a phrase, a saying or a facial expression, you need to be keen. We discussed about many topics and what impressed me most, its when we talked about what we are doing or planning to do. Here it’s where you realize you are not serious with life, ha ha! This topic is what brings out well the essence of Boys club in general. Men talk about it candidly, its like pitching a business proposal to your colleagues about how important your project is.

Boys club is intended to uplift, motivate, challenge and gauge your competence with your fellow cohorts. It’s always advised to get into a group whose members are ambitious, they should be your peers and be doing something which is somehow related to what you do. Never indulge in a group which is less ambitious because you will sink too.  These are the people you will hang out with most, you can call them your friends, some will last but others won’t. 

I wish to discuss about friendship here but not today. Friendship is a complex phenomena if you take it emotionally, you may end up hurting yourself, anyway let’s spare this for another day. I was talking about barbecue, it was fun, we drove for miles and stopped close to our destination to buy some pleasantries, some wine, soft drinks, nuts, chicken, beef, salad, pepper and others.  We ended up besides a lake, a cool breeze caressed us smoothly, and it reminded me of my sweet home.

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By the way at my old age I would love my homestead to be on a higher land if not the mountains because breeze and a good view of the horizon are good invokers for great writing, my thoughts though, ha-ha! So we assembled everything, it’s funny some didn’t know how to light charcoal but anyway that was part of the fun. Eating and drinking, talking and laughing, dancing and screaming we continued having fun until the end. On the other hand, I was still skeptical and analytical, what was the importance of all this? For sure boys club is very important for any ambitious young man. Get yourself the right crew and see the magic happening, if you were a procrastinator you become proactive. You start yearning to achieve your potential.

The barbecue feast ended well, everyone was happy and we proposed to do it again. Another great memory was once again printed in the history of our life. 


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