Learn self-defense techniques and protect yourself from rape

Learn self-defense techniques and protect yourself from rape

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 self-defense techniques against rape

Society has evolved, it has become perilous for everyone. Governments, the legislation, and the clergy have failed to solve the rape crisis. Due to this state, you need to train on self-defense techniques against rape. You have to learn in confidence how to protect yourself from rape.

As society continues to plan itself to eradicate rape, learn the tricks and self-defense mechanisms. The following are both direct and indirect self-defense techniques against sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. 

When a woman understands the concepts of rape, she will be better at protecting herself. She won’t be paranoid or live under fear, she would exist in society in confidence, freedom, and wisdom.

All women should take necessary measures to protect themselves first, it’s very important. Rape is a very delicate matter, an abomination that takes away your dignity. It is an inhuman act, the perpetrators are foolish individuals who have decided to disrespect societal norms.

“You save yourself or you remain unsaved”-Alice Sebold

Avoid being alone outside

Avoid being alone outside, ensure you are always in the company of someone. Especially, in remote areas, most rape cases take place outside. Either the rape victim was going for water, firewood, or a shopping center. Rural areas are not densely populated, a rape incident is likely to occur. 

In the city, avoid dimly lit streets or deserted streets. Perpetrators never want to be seen by the public and would prefer to undertake the assault in private mode. In case you have to be alone, be in places where you are being seen by the public. Use streets that are being used by everyone, never use those shortcuts, tiny roads, because you do not want to be seen. Throw the shyness away and let people see you and be out of danger.

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Learn to say no to invites

Everyone likes to be invited to a party. Girl, learn to say no to these invites. Not all parties are made for you, even if it is your friend who invited you! Inhouse parties where people get intoxicated foolishly and wasted beyond limits, avoid such places. 

Rape lingers in such sodomistic events. Choose events that you would attend, events with decorum and safety warrant. I would advise you to say no to 99.9% of the invites. Attend parties when necessary, people are wicked outside there. 

Physical self-defense

A man should never touch you without your consent. Turn into a lethal weapon, turn into an ‘animal’, use your nails, teeth, voice, earings, head, blows, kicks, strength, and anything else to attack. As you attack, do it with confidence, never allow fear to engulf your body. Hit them good, protect yourself. 

Go for self-defense classes or check them online and learn. Learning these skills will help you in many ways. Protect yourself and improve your health when learning self-defense skills. Learn to throw the kicks and blows, protect yourself with confidence.

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Learn how men think and behave

It’s always good to learn how men think and behave. This will help fishing out a possible perpetrator. Understanding men’s behavior will help know men with bad intent. I have seen many women going with bad men yet the clues were all there but they could not see them. After an assault happens, that’s when they start remembering the red flags yet the damage is already done. 

Avoid being driven by infatuation, be sober when meeting new men. Their classy lifestyles, handsomeness, expensive cars, and connectedness they possess should not lure you into their traps. Hyenas package themselves like so, when ready they attack with no mercy.

The love of material things will put you in trouble. Never accept gifts from strangers, have a mindset of being independent. The only person that can provide or give a gift unconditionally, your dad, brothers, and husband. 

Report any form of harassment

Report any form of sexual harassment, never take such lightly. Sexual harassment can come in many forms, verbal, physical, and even online. A guy will stop you on the way and start touching you as they want. Some will throw you obscene words and threaten that they will rape you one day. On social media, they will fill your inbox with threats and vulgar comments.

If you have a father, husband, brother, uncle, or guardian, let them know what you experienced. After all, their role is to protect you, and when necessary, report to the authorities. When your sister, auntie, mother, wife, daughter reports this, (any man reading this article, ensure you take action). 

If the culprit is beatable, give them some good slaps and warnings. If you can’t handle them, tell them they have rapist tendencies, and anything happening to your women they will be held responsible for. If they have deaf ears, report them to the authorities.

Dear reader, if you have other self-defense techniques from rape share them in the comment section. Let us empower women with the necessary techniques and skills for surviving in our troubled world.

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