Millennial’s as a generation and their problems

Millennial’s as a generation and their problems

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Millennial’s are a group of people who were born approximately 1980s and after. They have unique characteristics, they are tough to manage and accused of being entitled, narcissistic, self interested, unfocused, lazy but entitled is the big one. They all want greatness, they want to make an impact to society and the world, work in a big company, research centers and yet when they achieve all this they are still not happy. What do they really want? What is disturbing them?

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The problem goes back to parenting. We can say most of them were brought up under poor parenting strategies. Example they grew up being told you are the most special, you can get what you want out of life and you are a winner. Others get too much pampered with everything at  their table, they don’t have to struggle to have anything. After school and getting a job, the reality of the world hits them hard, no one treats them special, no one cares about anything, they can’t have what they want just like that, no job promotions, no one cares about them. It’s all survival for those who are fit.

Reality shatters their self image, they saw themselves as heroes and heroines to their families but not anymore! Most of these millennial’s have lower self esteem because they are shattered and hurt inside. They feel not belonging or being accepted in any societal setting, they struggle hard to socialize with others but all goes in vain. The problems of millennial’s have been taken deeper with the presence of social media. Consumption of social media with no knowledge and boundaries on how to use it and perceive it in general has brought imbalance in this generation.

They confine in social media to hide their true state of emotions and life by posting filtered pictures and comments showing how they are enjoying life. They are good at showing people that life is amazing even though they are depressed, they all sound tough , they sound they got everything figured out but the reality is, they are not tough at all but weak! All they do is crave for likes, comments and followers. When craving for this, a chemical called dopamine is released after seeing the likes, good comments and huge followers which makes them feel good. It makes them always wanting to be online, which leads to addiction. 

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Millennial’s seek approvals from friends and people around them, they got it from their families but now that they are in the world approval by peers and society is not given just like that. They struggle to get approvals and get depressed when they can’t have it. Its so funny that after getting friends they still don’t trust them. Deep meaningful relationships among them is hard to find, they just have superficial and situational friendships which is quite dangerous and boring.  

They care more about what people think about them and not what they think about themselves. It’s the Millennial’s world.

Evolutionary Mismatch has taken its roots in the current century we have no control over it. Leaders, parents, religious elders, teachers and the society at large should come together and understand and support a generation. Understanding their mindset and time context is very important. Help them get out of laziness, daydreaming, low self esteem and the challenges they face today.

If you are a millennial like me, strive to understand yourself and others each day. Get yourself together and make a step each day no matter what. Never give up and I hope we shall meet the other side soon if not soonest!      

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