My best friend is successful and am not! Should I end this Friendship?

My best friend is successful and am not! Should I end this Friendship?

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Should I end this Friendship

Many people must have found themselves in this situation either once or several times. There is always a sensation which comes the moment your friend moves to another social class either they got a good job, traveled abroad for studies, added new friends on their list or have started a big flourishing company and many more.  Let us look at how one can deal with such sensation without making a terrible mistake or ending a good friendship.

I always thought this was to be a great hope and assurance, that if your friend can make it then unquestionably you can make it too. Jealousness and negativity would have clouded your mind when you end a friendship with a successful friend.

Many have a repulsive nature towards their friends when it comes to a change in social class and progress. This is very unfortunate for them as it is a sign of defeat and feeling incapable to move forward in life. Detesting and separating yourself from successful people makes you incompetent and hopeless being. When your friend does something great and instead of congratulating and accepting them you shun them, you must be sick. At my village they will call you a witch.

The best way to progress in life is to learn appreciating others success always. This marks the inauguration of a successful journey in your life. In life you will never become what you don’t like. When you do not like success it will never be part of you, instead you become the ring leader of disappointments. Our society is full of successful people and friends, starting by appreciating these people creates an attraction force of good stuff towards you.

There is a saying which goes “birds of the same feathers flock together”. Your association determines in a big way your likelihood to success. It will be a great step to always associate yourself with people of fine and great lifestyle if you want to be one. This will allow you to learn the secrets and steps they took to accomplish whatever they achieved. Hanging around such people will keep you on track by working towards your goals.

Networking! Some call it connections. This is one of the most powerful trending principle and tool used in social networking society and class. “Do I know you, Do you know me!” principle has determined how favors and opportunities are being offered today. You are required to create connections with many influential, successful, ambitious, focused and determined people. Creating such a strong and powerful network you would have a learning ground for you to attain knowledge, skills, ideas and opportunities.

After creating your great network and connections of friends make this saying your principle, “once a friend always a friend”. Keeping great friends in life is a good approach to grow yourself and be up to speed with others in your class. This happens when they do something good you can also do it because they will share the knowledge with you.  We all need friends and never be jealous when they succeed, join and appreciate them, then learn and become successful.

Note: Not all success is achieved rightly, you ought to be careful in the manner you choose to pursue success. Many use get rich quick skims, illegal means and others use proper models to succeed. When it comes to success, be patient and follow appropriate procedures required. If your friend achieved whatever success in a disturbing way just let it go and wait for another opportunity.

Keep all this and thank me later.    

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