Never take Life for Granted! Learn counting your Blessings

Never take Life for Granted! Learn counting your Blessings

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Never take Life for Granted! Learn counting your Blessings

Countless people have described life in several ways according to how they perceive it. Life got both ups and downs, you will never have a life that’s only smooth and moves as you wish, Never! You got both negative and positive forces around pushing you in both directions, we are never stable. That’s life my dear, you either live or die. Despite all this drama in your life, you need to live and achieve your ambitions and goals. Achieving all this you need to be true to yourself by keeping some life principles you adore. By saying, it’s that simple, problem comes in really doing what you know and understand you are supposed to do.

Never take your life for granted, find your purpose in life and do your best to achieve prosperity. In-case of challenges, which is normal, take it as an opportunity for something better. Be optimistic and hopeful always. Cherish your loved ones, they are all you got and you cannot live without people in this world. Man can never be an Island, a parent lives for their child’s safety and caring. Every human needs people around, that’s when life becomes balanced and complete.

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Learn to appreciate whatever good happens in your life. Appreciate both small and big things. Remember when you have both parents who are loving and caring, others have one or none, others may have both but uncaring and heartless. When you have a bed to rest your head others don’t, they just sleep on ground. This is the biggest reason why you should never give up in life but rather fight the good war to achieve your wishes.

Remember when you are busy struggling to achieve your desires, others are busy struggling to achieve their basic needs! Be grateful always for your life, no matter what.

Patience, would be a great principle to apply during your low seasons in life. When everything seems not to work as planned, either you lack a job, your project stopped abruptly, sickness, poor relationship with your lover, parents, relatives and friends you need a stop in your life, that is patience. They say time heals, when in such a state give yourself time, relax and your mind will refresh for a new start. God is with you always and understands your plights and predicaments, He will definitely sort you out in His right time.

Counting your blessings is all you ought to do. Yearning for wisdom to leverage God’s blessing to you, would be an amazing move for your well-being. Life requires wisdom to live in fulfillment, God Himself acknowledges this when He says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”. Most of the times you experience challenges not because of bad luck but because of your poor decision making and weaknesses. Appreciating what you got, where you come from and accepting whom you actually are will help you face this life with prudent optimism.

You will have the courage to move on after every downfall.

Life is all about you, make appropriate decisions, work hard and ensure you focus on your goals. Trust in God always because He has great plans for you, all you need is perpetual hope, faith and unwavering patience. Each day you see, just keep counting your blessings, count your shortcomings as challenges which you will always sort. Your life matters a lot, if not so then you would not be in this world today. Never take your life for granted!

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