No need for New Resolutions, Change how you do your things

No need for New Resolutions, Change how you do your things

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I would like to start the year in style by sharing my opinions about what we expect in this amazing new year. Every new year we outline what we want to achieve and in the end, we realize we achieved a little or nothing. As we start this new year lets contemplate new strategies of doing things, let’s embrace new approaches or ways that are scientifically proven to bear fruits. You don’t need new resolutions but rather a change of how you do things.

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These techniques are simple and you know them, but we tend to avoid them because we are in our comfort zone and we don’t care. We don’t want to work hard, we just want success to come on our way. Brothers and sisters, things never work like that, we ought to work hard and smart this new year to achieve whatever we want. When you think of success, think more about the process involved in achieving that success, that class, car, dream house, dream wedding, education level, memorable trip, good health, etc 

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Let us start the year by reconfiguring our mindset, school of thought, perceptions and how we think about the world. Remember what has contributed to your current state is you, it all boils to you, do not dare play the blame game when it comes to your life. You are the one and only person responsible for your life no matter your race, background, financial status, health, and religion. Below I outline some of the critical values we should apply as we start this new year, a year of double, double.

Be Persistent

Slow and steady wins the race. Be persistent in what you do, at the end of the day the results would be enormous and satisfying. The year is still young, don’t be on pressure just take one step at a time. Struggle and never decide to quit, even at the point of giving up, that’s strength. When you face setbacks that is an opportunity in disguise, you grow, mature and experience, don’t stop. 

Be Confident

You need that charisma, to give you the go. Confidence will enable you to embrace the journey to your goals. I am not talking about cockiness here but rather the inner confidence that radiates outwards and impacts everything you touch or do. Confident people believe in what they do and plan, they stand by their plans always no matter what. Be confident my friend.     

Be Passionate

Let the love and passion for your line of work show through in that work. It’s meaningless and unhealthy to do something that is not your passion. In as much as money is very important, just follow your passion. Whatever project you choose to undertake, ensure you love it, this will activate your energy and creativity towards that project.

Be Creative

Creativity is an essential element for an individual with ambitions and dreams of being successful. For you to be creative, you have to learn, read, experience and network with others to gain the wisdom in doing what you want. Consolidating all these inputs enable your mind to come up with the best plans and approaches that will enable achieve success easily.

Be Positive

Positive thinking always changes the outlooks and fortunes as well. Positive thinking entails enjoying the ride that life provides. It’s about seeing the unseeable, taking risks and seeing possibilities. What you are doing or planning to do, follow that path with positivity.

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Other mindset shapers I would just list them here because of brevity, these values that would shape your mindset include; having a vision, being focused, risk-taking, taking responsibility, mindfulness, be competitive, network and connect, have a growth mindset, do the hustle, be flexible, be grateful and accepting.

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Success is a process, as well as a journey. This means you have to be open-minded and ready to constantly change things for the better. Reconfigure your mindset and embrace new paths, don’t be rigid and too conservative. Everyone has the opportunity to be successful, all you need is follow these simple principles and you will definitely make it.  

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