Part 1: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

Part 1: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

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I just woke up! Everyone has gone out; the house is very quiet. Outside I can hear my neighbor singing and talking to himself, that’s quite normal with him. I had a long night writing my scripts, and that’s what I love doing most. The day feels lazy and moody, I want to go back to bed but that would be an abomination. Am heading to the kitchen and I hear a lady’s voice from outside talking to my neighbor. This attracts my attention because its not usual, my neighbor is not married and his life style won’t enable him attract any lady!

Tom is my neighbor; his house is a few meters from ours. From the kitchens window you can see his house clearly from the front. I have never been inside his house and am very sure he won’t allow me to, but I bet it has nothing inside. His hair is unkempt, and it touched water maybe a decade ago. The teeth have several layers of unbrushed food particles and the tobacco munch he places in his mouth which probably must be stinking shit. His skin is pale not because he is sick but because he never showers and takes him half a year to change his clothes.

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He makes ropes from sisal and sales them to earn money for buying only food. Tom has never cooked in his house in fact he claims to have no utensils in his house. Cooking for him is a nightmare and a taboo. Such people always have funny beliefs, I really don’t know why!

Am now standing at the kitchens window which has tainted glasses looking at them mutely with anticipation of what will unravel from this unusual meet up. I recognize this lady, I always see her in the streets, actually she is mentally ill or I can say a mad-woman. I don’t know her name unfortunately, but what is she doing here with Tom. 

At this point I get even closer to the window so that I can overhear what they are saying and have a clear glimpse. The lady looks shaggy and dirty, her face full of unhappiness and depression, it’s like she wishes life was different. Her hair messy, clothes very dirty and her top blouse is torn and partially showing her back skin which looks very hard and sandy. I start asking myself questions but I stop because I need to focus to what was happening.

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Lady: Tom, how is you, Long time?

Tom: Am good but I don’t want you here today!

Lady: Why?

Tom: Because there is no deal am going to do with you, nothing is for free in this world. You love free things, and in this century, we got nothing for free dear.

Okay, wait what is this? you mean its not the fast time this lady has come here. This sounds interesting and I wish no one distracts this conversation. What deal could the two really have? I understand that Tom apart from his business of making ropes he sales weed privately because its illegal.  

Lady: Easy, help me out, I just need one roll of cigar to wake myself up.

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Tom: How much do you have to offer for the cigar? Getting bhang these days its not easy and its very expensive.

Lady: I have no money just give me what you normally use, even if it’s the smallest piece of cigar.

Tom: Leave my house please if you have nothing to offer.

She finds a stone to sit on, just a few meters from where Tom was standing preparing his sisal ropes. Her face looks gloomy and in need of something urgently, addiction, her helplessness makes me feel for her. I hear her thoughts as she sits down meditatively. “What a life, there is nothing for free in the society today, is that true? Humanity is long dead, where are those beings who could shower you with love and care without demanding anything in return? I am ill, where does he expect me to get money? Who can dare give me any job in this state? Why is he so inconsiderate?” Unfortunately, this is a man eat man society!

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Lady: I really don’t have anything please Tom, help me out and I will pay next time.

Tom: That can’t work.

Lady: So, what do you want me to do?

Tom: You know what to do. Do what you normally do.

Lady: But my husband may cause problems like last time!

Tom: Does he know you came to my place?

Lady: No! I did not tell him where am going.

Tom: That’s good and no one around here has seen you. Just go inside the house and I will follow after.

Lady: Okay!

She stood and walked in the house confidently, all she wanted was cigar. Tom looked around to ensure that no one was witnessing what was going on and he looked directly to our kitchen window. His look sent shivers down my spine but I was sure he could not see me because of the tainted glasses.

All this is happening to satisfy personal needs of pleasure, they are ready to relinquish their pride and partake the toxic cup of pleasure.

He also went back to the house and locked the door after him………….

Read Part 2 of this story here: Part 2: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

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