Part 2: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

Part 2: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

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Read part 1 of this story here: Part 1: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

Read part 1 of this story here:Part 1: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

Still standing at the window and I can hear their dialog inside. Am really shocked with this, questions and criticism are what I can afford currently. I thought for two to tango there must be a special connection. Some things to happen it involves arousal of emotions, it involves a prepared environment and mental readiness. It is very unfortunate that some people in the society have to do it in this style. Will they ever enjoy this genuinely? now that they are destroying their emotions.

This trade of pleasures is pejorative. I understand many people undergo the same state of affairs in different settings. One fact should be clear at this point, never give up your dignity to get pleasures or favors. Fight your own fight and use decent means to get what you want. I stand with awe, how on earth are they going to get intimate in their state of uncleanness. This world sometimes is not impartial to some people, I wish they were deprived of something else and not happy intimate life.

Read part 1 of this story here:Part 1: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

Lady: Let me hope you won’t waste me today. You always want stuff but you never manage it, you just play around.

Tom: Just relax I know how to do it well, its just you who doesn’t know how to position yourself.

Lady: Take it easy you are hurting me.

She screams loudly out of pain.

Tom: Hey! Stop that, you will attract people’s attention by making such noise.

Its exactly five minutes since Tom had gone inside and the lady comes out. Her skirt is up between her thighs and she is stretching it downwards back to its place. A cigar is lit on her mouth and she seems to enjoy each puff she blows out. What a life! The batter trade business of pleasure has just ended and everyone is totally satisfied. No participant feels unsatisfied, but do I really know? Someone may be aching inside because they have been treated unfairly.

The lady walks away satisfactorily while Tom is still inside probably tired from the one round, he has just made ha hah. I get out of the window and follow my business for the day. I feel like laughing loud but this is not a joke, this is not how life should be handled for sure.

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Modern slavery takes a lot of forms, addiction and pleasure can render us slaves. The lady gives herself just because she is addicted to bhang smoking. Tom on the other hand takes advantage of the situation to shower himself with pleasure. What if the lady slept with several men and she is infected? and I bet they never used protection. By the way, why do such instances end very fast? Is it because the conscious haunts you because you are doing a bad thing, is it fear and guilt? I can ask myself many questions over this but let them be.

We ought to stick to our values no matter what life throws at us. Never give in to things we really don’t need in our lives.   

Read part 1 of this story here:Part 1: Toxic Batter-Trade of Pleasures

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