Reprogramming Your Mind into Positive Thoughts

Reprogramming Your Mind into Positive Thoughts

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Reprogramming Your Mind into Positive Thoughts

The other time we looked at ‘influence of thoughts to young adults’. We saw how positive or negative thoughts play a tremendous part in shaping what really happens in our lives. We also looked at ‘how to control your thoughts’ and ‘how negative thoughts affect your life’. Today let’s look at reprogramming your mind into positive thoughts. Having healthy thoughts contribute largely to your success and well-being.

Negative thoughts have a bad impact in our daily life, they produce chemicals that weaken the body. Once negative thoughts take hold, they can be hard to change. We actually look for proof to confirm what we already think about ourselves. So, if you think others don’t like you, you will look for evidences to prove this. Your self-esteem, self-worth dies, you become a slave to your own thoughts.

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Some examples of negative self-talk might sound like this: ‘I am too shy to speak in front of people’. ‘People don’t like me because of my body shape’. ‘I am not beautiful/handsome like my friends’. If you are in this bracket, the good news is that you can change negative thinking! The first step in changing is to become aware of negative thoughts.

Monitor your thinking patterns as you note negative thoughts running through your mind. Then try hard to replace negative thinking with positive self-talk: ‘I am confident and eloquent in speaking in front of people’. ‘I have an amazing body shape and people like me’. ‘I am pretty/attractive like my friends’. Such positive, happy thoughts produce chemicals that actually strengthen the body.

Negative words like ‘I can’t’, ‘I will never’ limit your strength and energy. Self-defeating thoughts need to be replaced to achieve self-worth and value. Instead of saying, ‘I can’t achieve anything great in life’ say, ‘I can achieve many great things in life’. This is what we refer to refocusing your thoughts in check. Doing this repeatedly will enable attainment of positive thoughts after a given time of period.

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Cards and sticker posts can be used to attain thoughts reprogramming in a swift and friendly way. Get cards with inspirational info in your wallet, as you move around read them to motivate and remind you of your mission. Put stickers on your work desk, computer screen, cubicle walls, doors and places you see most. Let the cards and stickers contain positive, motivational and inspirational quotes, which when read will revamp your thinking in positivity and hope.

It takes consistency and repetition of such activities above in rebuilding your thought patterns. Having issues with thoughts makes it hard for friends and family to identify your problem. This is why you need seriously, this thought refocusing process. Ensure you are gentle to self because it takes time to realize new attitude and thought. Having clean, total pure thoughts enable you leverage all powers and strengths within self.

Never give up in this journey, success never comes easily, great and long-lived success is reached after intense hard work and smartness. You have no better and best choice than this, work hard to achieve positive thoughts and you will never be the same again.

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