Revolutionary Feminism Ideologies have Brought Havoc in Human Relation

Revolutionary Feminism Ideologies have Brought Havoc in Human Relation

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Revolutionary Feminism Ideologies have Brought Havoc in Human Relation

When the feminism movement began, it had good intentions for humanity. The movement wanted to achieve social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. This was a perfect idea and vision. Institutions were committed to representing women’s rights and interests, which is a good thing.

Since its conception, feminism has evolved into a monster. Its goals and intentions have changed. You will be shocked at what they demand and profess when you sit and listen keenly to our current feminists. They sound painful, full of hate, in a war and their demands are nugatory. Instead of demanding pertinent issues like equal pay, job opportunities, political leadership, to be heard, safety, and respect, they have turned it into a war between men and women. You will hear statements like, “I don’t need a man in my life, men are dogs, men are thrash, all men are cheaters, players, and womanizers.” They have moved from trying to solve a problem to creating more. 

Feminism is an ideology, phenomenon, and concept designed in the 18th century that has grown to destroy harmony, relationships, and marriage in society. Apart from the oldest destructive “..ism” ideologies like racism and tribalism, feminism is the most destructive. It has brought instability on how men and women relate all over the world, none is happy.

Relationships and marriages have become tasteless due to feministic ideologies fighting off our basic and ancient cultural patterns. Instead of feminist editing our foundational knowledge, what they have done is do away with foundational knowledge and brought to us new knowledge. This is not how a society should grow, we need to follow a process and logic critically. We need to build on our foundational knowledge and not destroy what we already have. Feminism as a paradigm is colliding with all existing ancient paradigms because it was never analyzed amicably, it’s not fit to our contextual society. That is the danger of using paradigms that are not tested, they bring havoc and disorder in society. 

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Things that are vital in shaping one’s character and life, are seen as burdens and irrelevant. Relationships, dating one partner, and marriage are seen differently by feminists. They look at these paramount institutions as platforms for oppressing women. One feminist claimed openly, “I have come to realize I do not need a man in my life. The moment I am with one, I always feel limited because they want me just around the house.” Surely, in this era which man will want a woman who sits in the house only? We are past that dark era.

They say, men receive more favors than women! One day I went to buy a gas cylinder, the price given to me was 35 dollars. That was expensive for me, so I requested a female workmate to visit the same shop and ask to buy the same gas cylinder. She was told to pay 25 dollars, a lower price by 10 dollars, yet we do the same job, get paid the same amount but because she was a woman she deserved a lowered price. So, women get many favors too, we are humans and we all get favors at some point.

I cannot use the above incident as my basis to say that women are favored more than men. That would be outrageous and weird because anyone can receive a favor anytime. Have you ever met an individual you do not know but like them instantly? The chance of throwing them a favor is high because you like them and not because they are a man or woman. We need to understand the complexities and psychology of humans before we make critical decisions and conclusions about mankind and behavior.

Feminism has destroyed relationships

Relationships have tremendously changed since the inception of feminism. Ladies have become arrogant and opinionated in relationships. I should not be misquoted here, men too have failed to their extent but in this article let’s focus on the negative effects of the feminist syndrome. Feminism is driven by the ego of equality. They want everything to be equal, which is not possible because we are men and women. The fact that we are not equal biologically, there are things that will never be equal. I would advise a list of pertinent issues be made and allow feminists to focus on solving them. 

Today, people jump from one relationship to another shamelessly. Men on the other hand fear committing themselves because women can’t be told anything. The arrogance is top-notch. You would hear someone say, “I cannot stay in a relationship for long for a man to get used to me. I need a change.” When a man tries to point out an error today, it would be called harassment and denying of the other freedom. Women want to do what they want no matter the impact, they never respect their relationships, they are never considerate.  

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Relationships bring about satisfaction, love, and good feelings. Today, it’s a burden, a disturbance, no one wants to commit, individuals jump from one relationship to another shamelessly, no conscious. Feminism is the greatest humanity scam. It has robbed our generation of true love and a stable marriage. People with feminist ideologies never enjoy relationships and marriage. Everything happening it’s about them, they want equal everything, something that has never happened to anyone.  

You don’t have to be a feminist to bring change and empower women, it’s enough to be feminine, it’s enough to be yourself.

By Jefferson M

Feminism has given birth to hookups. Humans have decided to find alternative affection. Both men and women have embraced hookups as the new normal. Men used to be the ones making advances, the new species of feminists have taken the role. They would slot when to visit them and for how long, they have control of everything, they determine how you do it. This gender, if I may be allowed to say, has turned it into a procedure and not an intimate encounter. The procedure feels like going for a haircut, that’s feminism at work. You go there with stinking socks, someone gets annoyed, sends you away and another son of Adam is invited. That’s feminism for you? Is that even freedom or stupidity?

Where are your morals daughters of the soil? How do you invite strangers in your house, to your kitchen, to your bedroom, and claim that you have attained sexual liberation? That is slavery, my daughters. What a pity! Dignity is long dead, cleanliness, sacredness is never a thing. They will meet on public transport, smile at each other, one will follow the other to their house and boom it’s done. Others will meet in a restaurant, sit at opposite tables, get intoxicated for a while to kill their shyness, smile, dance, kiss and end up in the washrooms, and boom it’s done. Others will meet in the city, book a hotel as couples yet they have just met. They sleep cuddling as if they have been married for decades, next morning they walk in different directions without even knowing each other’s names. Why are we disrespecting our bodies? Is this the so-called sex liberation? Is this not what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah?

Feminism has destroyed marriage

Marriage institutions have not been left out. Feminists have destroyed marriages out of their equality ego. They want everything equal, even in cheating. “All men are ‘players’,” you will hear a feminist rant. Is this statement true or false? The statement is a perception by women who think and imagine that all men are players. A fact is that some men are players. There are many men that stand for something, men of virtue, wisdom, understanding, and love truly. 

It is very sad to see feminists using this perceived notion to justify their promiscuity. A wife to my cousin once told me, “I will get laid with two men if your brother goes out with another woman!”. I asked, “What will you gain after doing that?”, she kept quiet, and that was the end of our little discussion. Feminism is a new paradigm that wants to undo the original humanity system. In the process, it has disrupted and raptured human relations and socialization.

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The equality rush has rendered marriage tasteless because women demand weird things in marriage. Women walk in marriage consciously or unconsciously with feminists expectations. They demand an equal share of house chores, want men to change diapers, cook, and do many other things. They forget that not all men are wired to do such things and it would take time for them to adapt. Let’s take a case and change the demands the other way. What if men demand things from women like equal provision of insurance, school fees, rent, edibles for the family? Will many marriages stand?  

Hookups have invaded marriage too. People are in marriage but still seeking sexual liberation out there. I thought sexual liberation is found in marriage? What is happening to humans? Feminists have embraced hookups as a way of life. Those not doing it, are deemed old-fashioned and illiterate. The network is huge to an extent, special websites and social media platforms are available for ready hookups. The sad part about hookups is that two strangers come together and get intimate.  

Single mothers

I have had several conversations with single mothers, most of them have feministic semantics. They will keep blaming the man for the end of their marriage. How they talk and outline the reasons for divorce tells it all, they got an attitude born of feminism. We can never conclude that all breakups are caused by men. That would be a fat lie.  

Once I had a young feminist say, “All I need from a man in marriage is a baby.” Meaning after getting the number of babies she wants, she would comfortably call it quits. The negatives of feminism ideologies come in different dimensions and concepts. Most single mothers suffer and wonder how they got themselves in such a mess. 

If we look back in history, single mothers were mostly widows. This reflected itself through all races, religions, and regions. It was an abomination to divorce your partner. Society respected marriage institutions and also simple relationships. A single mother who is a widow,  her case is understandable. May all widows receive strength from almighty, may they never lack or suffer. We pray for widows every day, it’s such a tough and sad state. 

Many have divorced today knowingly or unknowingly due to the effects of feministic ideologies. They have been rendered single mothers and yet they are still egoistic. When men are mentioned in their presence they feel like vomiting. Being a single mother is not a way of solving a problem but rather creating more. 

Pray that your daughters, sisters, and wives do not fall into the bondage of feminism syndrome. You will wish you never had one, which is not possible. Educate them to be feminine and not feminist. It is always enough to be feminine, it is always beautiful to be a woman. It is lovely. 

Feminism has brought more harm than good.

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