Saying No to Debt

Saying No to Debt

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Saying No to Debt

The Debt syndrome has denied many freedom and happiness, it has enslaved many in that horrible bondage. One can never finance their personal project, save money or attain financial breakthrough with debts camping in their house. You are not supposed to go through such painstaking experience, God declares it otherwise in Deuteronomy 28:12, here you note a principle that the Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure and thou shalt lend unto many nations and thou shalt not borrow.

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It’s just common sense to avoid debt as much as you can. Scripture discourages us from cosigning other people’s debts, as well (Prov.17:18, 22:26). Debt leverages the future and obligates us to submit to its demands from our position of financial weakness. It is a smooth medicine that Christians find difficult to decline and manage. Debt may not be immoral, but it does not strengthen our spiritual life. There must be a strict regard to economy or a heavy debt will be incurred. Keep within bounds. Shun the incurring of debt as you would shun leprosy.

Debt can become financial bondage that makes us a “servant to the lender” (Prov. 22:7). Because debt is so intertwined with the fabric of our economic world, we think of it as simply the norm. Saying no to dept is not an easy task. After all, whole nations exist on debt; why shouldn’t individuals do the same thing? This is a wrong attitude to have. Make a solemn covenant with God that by His blessing you will pay your debts and then owe no man anything if you live on porridge and bread.

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It is so easy in preparing your table to throw out of your pocket twenty-five cents for extras. Take care of the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves. It is the mites here and the mites there that are spent for this, that, and the other, that soon run up into dollars. Deny self at least while you are walled in with debts. Do not falter, be discouraged, or turn back. Deny your taste, deny the indulgence of appetite, save your pence and pay your debts. Work them off as fast as possible. When you can stand forth a free man again, owing no man anything, you will have achieved a great victory.

Debt is a weak foundation for Christians to stand on. It can do damage to our spiritual experience and impact our ability to fund God’s work. It robs us of our ability to give to others with confidence, and it steals opportunities for God’s blessings.

What are some choices you can make right now that could help you avoid any unnecessary debt? What might you need to deny yourself of in order to stay out of debt?

Gods plan is for you to be lenders and not borrowers. By giving others, they become blessed and appreciates Gods benedictions and kindness. You must avoid and refuse to become a debtor in all means possible, and if you have to, then you have the responsibility to clear your debt in time.

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