Should women accept Gifts from Men?

Should women accept Gifts from Men?

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It’s a simple subject but many women complicate it to justify their mistakes or enjoy free things. Are gifts given willingly or with some reasons, cause or motive behind? It’s funny how most women complain about them accepting frequent gifts from men. A gift can never be given just like that, there is always some reason or say cause which instantiate the process. Let’s assume a father or brother offering a gift to their daughter or sister respectively. This gift is being given because of the family connection between these people.

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A gift is given in two circumstances. First a gift can be offered after the cause. An example can be given when a lady is gifted because of her excellent performance at work. In this case her excellence in work performance (cause) led to her receiving a gift. Secondly a gift can be offered before an anticipated cause. A father will offer a gift to her daughter to wish her the very best in approaching exams. In this case a gift is received before the cause that’s the approaching exams.

As a woman you should always be skeptical when receiving gifts especially from men you don’t know very well. Gifts given before an anticipated cause are mostly traps to lure women into sexual spree. Get to know the motive first because a gift is always given with a motive either good or bad. Nothing goes for free in this century and a man’s goodies are not for free. There is nothing like, ‘they gave it to me willingly!’. With the current situation where there is lack of proper  communication between opposite sex, gifts are used as an option. Also be careful gifts comes in many forms not necessarily money but also favors either directly or indirectly.

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Women should always yarn to be independent, this gives you confidence and control of your sexuality and life in general. Am not telling you to reject gifts but before you accept any get to know the motive. Don’t be easy and cheap accepting gifts, because whatever they are giving you can also have it by yourself. I have seen many scenarios where women accepted gifts from men and when it came to returning favors bad things happened. When a man says you are beautiful, there is always some part in him that they would want you sexually when given the opportunity.

Should women then accept gifts from Men? I think before accepting or rejecting a gift women should consider several factors. They should know the motive behind the gift and is this man going to ask for sexual favors after? Do not accept frequent gifts from a man  you are not intimate because they will definitely ask or demand for sex after sometime. I have seen women being violated and harassed just because they accepted gifts from strange men. Despite the fact that women love to be treated and pumped with good stuff they should accept this from men they know really well.

Gifts are good, they make you happy and feel loved. You cannot accept gifts from any man just like that, get to know the motive first and you won’t fall on any trap.

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