Spiced 01: I Loved him Truly, but what Happened?

Spiced 01: I Loved him Truly, but what Happened?

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Am Kamilla, the sweet girl. When it all began I never imagined of any negative energies. I was all happy in my new found love. You know how it feels when you meet a guy who treats you right, and how you wanted it to happen,  it happens. Happiness, peace of mind and tremendous joy was all I had at that period.

I enjoyed every moment with him, a queen was I, and indeed everyone around us noticed, some were jealous, others  happy! I never imagined even in a single moment that things were going to get weird and dramatic.

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This day which I really hate and wish never existed or would have come to pass. Outside the West Gate mall free parking lot, I was putting stuff into my car, then the unthinkable happened, a thief grabbed my stuff and ran away. Some guy stopping this boy, bit him up and brought my stuff back. In the process of thanking this guy, my husband came and that’s how my troubles began.

My hubby got mad, he accused me of cheating, he even wanted to fight the guy. I tried so hard to explain myself but he could not listen. I got angry, and we exchanged really bad, hot words out of anger. The guy tried to calm him down but my love was all in fire burning.

He pulled me into the car, and we drove home arguing all the way. At home it became worse because no one was watching, we screamed at each other. A point reached where I was slapped and stepped on down. At this point I was in so much pain and hatred.

I was wondering how come a man I sacrificed a lot for can do this to me. I had left my friends, my passions and ambitions, my social life and my own self just to make him happy. Now, he could not see all this, he was very insecure and paranoid.

Anyway, life moved on, things had really changed and I promised not to give up. I tried everything I could, every evening I would put on a lingerie night dress. You know what you do to impress your man. I remember, I bought new and expensive everything, night dress, lotions, perfumes etc. All this was in vain. 

No matter what girls never sacrifice anything about you for a man even if you are deep in love!! I tried to convince him back to me but nay.  We stayed in the same house as strangers.

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Depression became my potion, I could remember when we were fresh in love, he could be all over me, we could make love when I had not taken a bath for the whole day, this happened always. Here I was with new night dress, expensive lotion and perfume but still he never wanted me.

Why me! I cried all night, I thought until I could not think anymore. Life was so unfair, life is always unfair. As if that were not enough, he began cheating, he claimed to go for conferences and meetings far away from home for several months.

One morning as he showered I went through his phone and more pain was added to me. He was seeing like three girls, the chats said it all, he even provided for them.

I never prepared or even imagined that one day our love would cease. I was that girl, hot and cute and he loved me so deeply. He promised me peace and pure love, you know what am talking about, the promises you make to each other when enjoying life, sick and especially when making love haha. That’s what am talking about! 

All this happened but I did not do anything wrong, I never cheated, I never even thought of being with another man. He found me talking and thanking a man who had helped me and bang things went as they did.

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As I narrate this, I don’t think I can love someone sincerely as I did, in fact am stuck in this marriage and I have no energy to go out. Anyway how can someone who loved you dearly stop loving you? How does a person develop a detest to someone they called their queen? What normally takes place in their hearts to change? Is this a modern disease which has not been identified yet? Help me out guys!!

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