Spiced 02: Cancer! Why did you take my Love?

Spiced 02: Cancer! Why did you take my Love?

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Breast Cancer

I met my wife when she was young, beautiful and tender. As we exchanged our vows, “for better and for worse”, at this moment I was thinking about the ‘better’ I never imagined that we would have a cruel ‘worse’.

Dating her, I remember having competition from other guys who also had an interest in her. I had to make quick moves to have her as my wife. She was the prettiest in the village then, and I felt like a king, a winner after she became my wife.

I wish humans could have the capacity to see the future. God had a reason to withhold from us this important skill because some people could never be married or marry. Others could die of depression after seeing what awaits them ahead.

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We were both energetic, healthy and deeply in love, I thought our love would be like that forever. Our profession being teachers and blessed with two sons and a daughter, life was good. It was the best moment in my life to be around her and my children.

Then the unexpected came, ‘breast cancer’. It took us time before we realized it was cancer. We seek medical attention from one hospital to another. By the time we knew what was happening we had spent a lot.

Confusion, depression and inner pain was all we could afford. People came, gave us words of encouragement but all this was nothing in my opinion, my love was hurting, she was in pain and I could do nothing. I had promised to be with her in pain and happiness, but she was the one feeling the actual pain, she was alone in this and I could do nothing. How was I going to be  with her in this? A point reached where our savings were no more, this cancer will consume your health plus wealth.

Many gave us suggestions on what to do, I ensured we tried all the procedures suggested. We tried herbal medicine, traditional casting, vegetarian diet and many others untold processes but with no vain, it got worse by the day. Her beauty was shading away like a fresh flower being overwhelmed by the scorching sunshine.

I saw my love fading away, her beautiful smile grew weaker by day, her body size reduced, her long-sexy hair disappeared. Fellows cancer is not a joke, my daughter and the younger son cried always. They could not perform well in school, their mum was in pain and in solidarity they took the pain too.

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I never saw my firstborn cry, he always encouraged others to be strong. He always cooked for her mother whatever she wanted and ensured she took her drugs as prescribed by the doctor. All I could see him do is sit beside her mum and just gaze at her as she slept. He looked contemplative, I don’t know what was on his mind, I think there is something special about firstborns, I don’t know though!

We read many books and online articles about Cancer with hope of finding a solution but nothing. My children new a lot also and at some point they could give suggestions on what procedures we could try despite them being young. My daughter even changed her ambition of becoming a politician to being a doctor. She felt the current doctors were not doing enough. That’s what you feel when desperate, we were all desperate.

At some point it became worse and she had to be admitted. I hate being around hospitals but I had no choice. Doctors did her different cancer treatments, they were very supportive. Things become worse day by day though. I became a devastated man, lover, husband and father. My companion was in pain and I could do nothing, you understand how devastating that is.

Wishes were all I was left with, if we knew earlier about her condition she could have been cured. We never do check ups because of economic constraints and lack of the needed health facilities within our reach. Health check ups are very important in someone’s life, we could not be in this mess if we did checkups. It was too late for us, but why my wife and not me?

One morning she called me and said, “Daddy” that’s how she called me, “Thank you for loving me, I am really grateful for being a faithful husband to me and am sorry for letting you down with my sickness” I told her, “No, Mummy, this happens, it’s not your fault, don’t be sorry, am sorry for going through all this pain my love”.

She said, ” I can’t take it anymore, Its too much for me, tell the kids am sorry, I can’t. Just ensure you get them a good mother who will take care of them. Promise me you won’t be a widow for long, you deserve better Daddy. I have to rest now, thank you for everything am going a happy wife”.

Before I said anything she was no more, she had crossed to another world just like that. You can guess what followed. That’s my love story, its sad that it’s not thrilling, ha-ha. Most love stories are sweet but also many love stories are bitter, and mine is one of them. What about yours? How will it be? Or How is it going? All I can tell you be ready for anything because only God knows your tomorrow.

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I got a beautiful wife, then I lost her through Cancer.

Cancer why? Did you have to take her?

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