Spiced 03: I chose wrongly! I wish it wasn’t her

Spiced 03: I chose wrongly! I wish it wasn’t her

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There are things people go through on campus that are not said but affect our panoramic life. They affect our mindset, vehemence, self-image and our interrelation with people around. We all need to be loved and cherished by not only our family members but other people we meet.

Let me introduce myself. I am Javan, a young sweet ambitious boy. I joined the campus with a lot of sturdiness. My eyes were always wide open because I didn’t want anything pass without my notice. My first week was meeting and getting to know new people. I smiled at everyone as I tried to connect with them but unfortunately, not all smiled back.

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Coming from a boys high school, I had a high affinity to girls. I thought of having one myself. In my mind I scrutinized who was the most beautiful! It’s like buying clothes, you choose what fits you. Our campus was international, people from all over East Africa were represented.

Girls came of all shapes and sizes, ha-ha! Short with long hair, tall with beautiful faces, big with sweet voices, normal size with serious faces, very dark with very white teeth, the stock was in abundance. Out of all I narrowed down to two, and I had to make a choice. This is where I made a wrong pronouncement I live to regret.

These two girls, one was black beauty with a tender body and had an infectious smile, she could speak English and Swahili. The second was brown-skinned, harmonious, very cute but could not speak English nor Swahili. Because of the language barrier, I had to let go of brown-skinned and stick to the other. I was happy having her little did I know that she also had her reasons and plans with me.

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I thought we were in love but I was alone. All she wanted was my help with school work. In short, she used me to gain what she wanted in the process breaking me. She never cared about what I wanted and ensured that I never got it. People can be so selfish at times. Three years she pose to love me. After I was of no use, she tossed me and moved with other guys openly.

Anyway, life had to move on. I was still a good friend with brown-skinned, we went for parties and other events together. During one of our dialogues this topic came up.

Brown-skinned: Javan you wasted yourself loving the wrong person, I was here and you could not see me.

Me: I know I messed up a long time, I wish I chose you before, can we try it now and see if it would work.

Brown-skinned: C’mon that’s outrageous, no it’s too late Javan, and still we are left with little time, nothing would happen, and if we force it to happen it would be unhealthy for both of us.

This dialogue incident hit me hard, it opened my eyes. I realized the ones I ignored were the individuals who cared more about me, the ones I considered close and friends never cared at all. How do we determine who are our real friends? We tend to waste time on irrelevant people and things, the question is, how do we choose wisely the people and things to invest our time on.

A human being is very cunning, duplicitous and slippery, they would posture to love, care and cherish you yet they are after something else. After getting what they want they will show you their hidden pounce. We all ought to be careful with whom we open up to or allow in our circle.

Sadly, it will remain in the history that I chose wrongly.

Anyway, life moved on and I ought to learn from my experiences to be a better person each day.

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