Strategies for fighting corruption in a country

Strategies for fighting corruption in a country

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Corruption is a very cancerous habit, it eats up a country and kills it completely. It would be an imbecile decision for a country to allow and entertain corruption in their system of operations. What happens if corruption ceases the operations of a country? The following points I believe would be very instrumental in fighting corruption in any given country.

Configuring a countries Mindset

The government needs to work on people’s values, ethics, and morals. A mindset configured to gear the society to progress, harmony and unity. This would be achieved swiftly by using the media system and all forms of communication. In order to instill this mindset completely to the young generation, measures have to be taken to ensure that the young people are taught and brought up in this designed system. 

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The people will always be the custodians of their country. A failed state means having people who are not well disciplined to protect and develop their country. Tribalism should be shunned and instead embrace the citizenry mindset. With a citizenry mindset, people would work towards developing the country as a whole. If the people work and speak in unison then corruption won’t be a problem, it would be easily eradicated from society. 


The presidency is the governing system, its where the power of a country resides, technically. When people choose a president, they give them the power to lead the country. In my opinion, it would be dangerous for the presidency to be demystified. You cannot demystify the presidency and expect to be able to exercise the presidency’s powers fully. That would be a dream, a nightmare. The presidency should always be restricted, should operate in mystery to progress the country forward.

Constitution,Laws & Policies

Constitution is a composition of fundamental principles in which a country is acknowledged to be governed. Let the people who approved the constitution be honest. The leaders should lead by example in respecting the approved constitution. Policies and laws have to be formed to ensure the success of implementing the chosen mindset. Punishment should be there for those who will go against the set standards.

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Invasive Measures

Most countries have politicians and businessmen and women who turn into cartels. Cartels run things against the laws and policies of the country. They disrupt the functioning of the system to there own advantage. Cartels should be dealt with ruthlessly and mercilessly because when entertained they will consume the countries economy and even bring the conflict to the government. The government of the day should deal with these people using the machinery to cut all there networks to neutralize and discourage their uncalled course.

Corruption can be eradicated from any country. People need the discipline and will to change for the progress and healing of their countries. Everyone should take the responsibility to fight corruption soberly and with time our countries would heal and get revived again. Let us not be cowards in fighting corruption, nothing good is achieved easily. If Singapore managed to fight corruption, why not you and me?

It is very possible to turn people into thinking differently.

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