Struggling with Body Image & Weight Loss

Struggling with Body Image & Weight Loss

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I am Mishi, 25 years old lady struggling with my body image, weight loss and confidence. To be sincere being in a body you don’t like its extremely stressful. When young, I had an amazing body, slim and tender, confidence was all over me. I loved my feminine appearance then. With time things started to change, I became too heavy, I could not fit in my cloths anymore. That’s the time I realized that I have gained weight. Its shocking and interesting that when gaining weight, you never realize.

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My ideal weight has always been 60-65 kg but here I was, with 90kgs and still counting. So, I had to find ways to reach my ideal weight. I became seriously obsessed with body weight loss, this made me become stressed and unhappy. Weight loss programs became my most visited areas in my life. This struggle was provoked by several factors in me, within and around my life and society.

I remember after gaining weight I could no longer post a full picture of me on my social media accounts. It’s funny you will gain body weight but your face and head generally will not! So, I always posted pictures of my face only and I got many likes. One day I decided to post my full body picture and I got a comment. Somebody actually sent a direct message to me saying, “you have always been this pretty but we have never seen your full body, you mean you are this fat?”.

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I felt really bad, I was mad and angry, I had no one to talk to and cried the whole day. My sister found me crying in my room and asked what was going on, what was wrong with me. I stretched my phone to her and she read the comment. She gave me a long lecture but I was able to grasp what was important. She said that many people have social media profiles which portray them differently as they really look. This was a wrong approach and that I should never mind about anyone. I should be myself and that if I was not feeling comfortable in my own body, I should do something about it.

Due to all this pressure and drama I decided to enroll for gym, weight loss program and change my diet. This enabled me achieve my ideal weight of 63 Kg after one year. The criticism from friends and people around when heavy it’s always negative. Shading weight or body fats its not always an easy task for those who can’t get out their comfort zones, the so-called comfort seekers.

Everyone wants to have a tiny body as they looked when they were young. Life never remains constant, things have to change. You can not maintain the same body because we undergo changes every time due to what we eat, the environment and what we do. As we grow, we get more responsible, especially for women you have to get babies, care for your family and work. All this tends to make you forget about yourself, you don’t have time for yourself anymore. You gain weight or attain a particular body shape which you don’t like.

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When in such stage and you realize you are not comfortable in your own body then you have to do something about it. Start by asking yourself what is your ideal weight? Then come up with a workable plan to achieve your ideal body image, weight and confidence. Just how you look outside tells a lot about your confidence and persona in general.

No one knows your story, they don’t know where it started from. Body weight-gain comes due to many reasons, stress, unhealthy diet, getting too comfortable, head tumors and many other reasons. You may end up feeling you are not enough; the society will judge you not knowing where you are coming from. In order to come out of this strongly you have to accept yourself first, tell yourself you are beautiful, worthy and have value. Never let your confidence be bruised by the people you call friends, you rather have one friend who will tell you how beautiful you are truly. Dwelling on negative comments from friends has made many ladies get stuck in unhealthy relationships. This is because they fear they would not get someone else to love them because they are not beautiful.

A man in your life can make you feel unworthy too. I met my first man through social media, after sometime we decided to meet. The first thing he said was, “If I knew you are this big, trust me I would not have made this date to happen”. I felt so bad, fear engulfed my heart and ended up dating him for four years just like that. Luckily, it reached a point and my eyes opened and decided not to be a slave of love. I decided to vacate that relationship and find a new beginning. Its very funny how women are expected to have cute, slim and curvy body while on the other hand for men its okay to have fat and voluminous bodies!

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What is eating you? You being whatever shape you have there must be a reason. Find the root cause which led to your current state and draw your plan for change. When you gain weight, you are always on denial and prefer to put on tight cloths. Accepting yourself would be the best approach in dealing with your body image, weight loss and confidence. It’s a long process but still learn to take one step at a time and you will definitely make it.

So, how can you accept the change which happens with your body? No man is an island. You have to use guidance and counseling professionals, whom we always ignore thinking we can do it by ourselves. Guidance and counseling are very important for us, because the information given is always true and helpful. These people have experience and will show us the right direction to follow. From these professional we get the right guidance and information.

After being guided you can wisely draw a plan to improve your body image. In this stage you need to make realistic goals, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can not shade 20kgs in one week, be real either 10 months or a year, such would work appropriately. One thing you should not beauty doesn’t have any size, its all from within. Be your own cheerleader, love yourself, appreciate yourself then the world will appreciate you. If you are not confident with your body and walk in somewhere everyone will notice, be confident and love self.

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Know your body shape and dress it appropriately, in case you have to use body shapers it’s okay. The goal is to feel and be confident and comfortable in your body. Through fashion you can put everything on your body in its place, choose the right cloths for your body. Know your body type from the eight available body types, Straight Body Type, Pear Body Type, Spoon Body Type, Hourglass Body Type, Top Hourglass Body Type, Inverted Triangle Body Type, Oval Body Type and Diamond Body Type. These will guide you on how to dress your body.

I hope I have empowered and encouraged you from my story to be accepting of yourself and what to do in case you are not comfortable with your body image, weight and confidence.  

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