The absurd Night Out

The absurd Night Out

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I could not wait, I just wanted to meet her that evening. Fantasies about how our evening was going to be clouded my mind, it was flawless. The 3-star hotel apartment I had just booked was the perfect place I have ever gone. I felt rich, successful and satisfied yet I was just a young campus boy who has spent all his pocket money for a hotel. Good feelings I tell you! What I felt inside was so good that I didn’t want that day to end. We had agreed to meet at 6:00pm then proceed to our party destination.

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Her name was Sharon, black beauty, soft spoken with well placed dimples on her cheeks, she had thick thighs and a very curvy blessed behind. I gave her a title, “Queen of the Coast” She never played hard to accept my offer, the deal was too good but I never realized. Going out that night was not a problem, I even told her we would sleep over and come back the next day and she never tweaked. She accepted everything. Interestingly, I was very sure it was a sure deal.

Preparations took so long, I shaved everywhere, trimmed my nails and applied oil to my dry skin all over my body. I didn’t even want to use the wash rooms because I felt I would become dirty. I bought new under wares just for that day. I prepared as if I was going for a romance movie shoot. Completing my preparation was my backpack, which had all I needed for the night including rubbers, just to let you know.

She arrived holding a hand wallet! This sent shivers down my spine. My inner self said I should focus to the plan of the day and ignore the risk I fore so. Hand wallet? With my little knowledge this is used to keep travel documents, money and lip bum. Where was her changing cloths? All the same she looked fresh and in good moods, her eyes expressed happiness and expectations. Afrikai Restaurant was our fast stop, we had delicious fish soup with Ugali, and we talked happily before heading out.

Google was our guide to the hotel, at first, we got lost by entering the wrong building which was old and dark. Sharon was calm and very expecting, I wasn’t sure what was going through her mind. Finally, we found the place, we had to input a key code to open the double-glassed huge entrance door. The doors slide open to let us in and an old man at the reception welcomed us delightedly. We took a lift to sixth floor, at our door we had to input a code to access our room key from a casing just besides the door.

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The place was magnificent, a one bed-roomed apartment, well equipped with everything. We admired the apartment together, this was extra ordinary for us because we were students. Such places probably were used by delegates, envoys and strong business people. The kitchen, dinning room, sitting room, washroom with a bath tub and a bedroom with a huge bed, the so-called heavenly beds. We started with snacks as we watched TV, I was very sure by this time that I was going to have a memorable time with Sharon. She was very composed and relaxed.

She was busy watching TV and I really wanted her in bedroom, so I got my laptop and asked her we head to the room and she could watch a movie there. I pretended to enjoy the story line of the movie but my mind was totally somewhere else. My focus was on her beauty, my body sparked up ready to have a moment. My brain stopped working and the guy down there had control of me, he stood shamelessly ready to reign and control. I tried to touch her but she pulled my hand away. “What do you really want?” I told her boldly that I wanted us to make love.

“Sorry am not prepared for this, I didn’t prepare for this physically and even emotionally may be next time.”. I tried my best to plead with her. In my head I was like, “This girl is not serious, what was she expecting from all this? You mean at her age she cannot connect the dots about what’s going on?”. My heart started beating very fast and filled with anger, I could not believe all this, I thought I was dreaming. She really apologized for this, “Am really sorry for this, I know you will get annoyed and hate me for this, but it’s not intentional. I thought it was just a friend’s night out that’s all. You never gave me full details or I just misunderstood you”. 

By this time, she was getting uncomfortable because she never new how I would react. There we were in the same bed, I could do anything if I wanted to, I could force her to do it but that would be something else. Full of anger, I tried to think soberly as a normal being and concluded it was just sex, I can always get it another time. “Sharon, I respect you, I will never hate you for this, just continue watching your movie, I won’t bother you, you are such a darling”, and I spread a fake smile just for her.

Inside me I felt like beating her up, but I knew vividly this would bring more harm than good and I was young and very ambitious. Sharon continued watching am sure she never followed the story line but think about what was happening. I just lied there like a sick lion watching gazelles passing by yet its hungry. I had mixed feelings inside, that of anger and little happiness I don’t know why. I fall asleep and the next time I woke it was at 4:00am, she was sleeping besides me with her clothes on. Such morning hours make men get too horny and just found myself caressing her.

Sharon woke up from sleep and looked confused and terrified but after sometime she new where she was and what was happening. She just asked me to stop, I pleading with her for long but all was in vain. The only thing we managed was touch each other all over just to ease the urge we had because I think she also wanted but….! Morning came and I really wanted myself out of that beautiful place. I put on my cloths, she never dressed up because she slept with her cloths on and went out to the hotel’s office.

At the hotels office I put on a fake smile and paid for the night painfully, $36 parted with me just like that for nothing and confessed to them that I really enjoyed my night. I pretended to be normal to Sharon, talked to her normally, took her to her hostel and went back to my hostel like a wet dog. It was a very painful night for me. I promised myself never to do it again without a prior consent of a lady. It was a lesson painfully learnt.

Today I talk to Sharon but we have never discussed that experience since it happened.

This experience transformed how I handle women today. I just tell them my expectations boldly with no fear, whatever happens let it happen, I don’t want nonsense this time round. Young people both male and female, always let the other party know your expectations to avoid future heartbreaks and conflicts. Imagine in my case if it was someone else with a different character, something worse could have happened either rape or fight.

When I see Sharon today, I smile inside bitterly. The urge I had before is no more, even if am asked to do it again, I won’t. Once bitten twice shy. These days I ensure the other party knows exactly my plans. I still blame my forefathers they never thought me how to approach a girl, I feel useless at times. That was my absurd night out. Anyway, I will conclude by saying, “that’s life”. 

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