The negative effects of using social platforms excessively

The negative effects of using social platforms excessively

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The negative effects of using social platforms excessively

Excessive social media use has led to several negative effects to individual’s health, emotions and personalities. Below are eight negative effects, which I would like you to relate with and see weather you are a victim of negative social media effects. This is why you need controlled ethics on social media use.

The more you spend time on social media, the more you feel less about yourself


Your friends not liking, sharing or even commenting on your posts. In other cases, people will comment negatively and criticize arrogantly. When you lack strong self-esteem, you will undergo grievous depression and stress. This is normally so, because you will feel not accepted or loved by society.

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Have you ever seen an anxious fellow? You will never be settled, you are always up to something, you want something urgently but you can’t find it! You are never calm. You will always want to know who posts what, who commented, how many likes and comments are there, and who likes and does not like your posts. This situation will make you a restless and distracted individual.

Less self-control

Over indulgence, using social platforms leads to less self-control to an individual. This happens the moment you become addicted in using the platforms. When you start accepting, believing and following other peoples’ opinions and ideologies you become dependent. Such state makes you a confused fellow, a person with no direction and stand. They say, if you cannot stand for something then you can fall for anything.

Every individual has their life path to walk

Lower self-esteem

There is a research conducted in 2017 which stated, the more you spend time on social media the more you feel less about yourself. This is brought by seeing others posting their different achievements yet you have nothing to post. Comparing yourself with them becomes your routine. You may also see your age group friends doing good in life, marriage, education, jobs and fun life by what they post and, on your side, you have not achieved any good. You end up feeling bad about yourself and forget that every individual has their life path to walk.


Over-reacting is another negative effect of using social platforms excessively. Here any comments seeming negative to you, makes you angry to those who wrote such comments. A friend will comment on your post with no intentions of hurting your feelings, but because you are under some pressure, you want to be seen in some way, you react unreasonably. This overreacting makes you also, to just go by commenting and sharing other peoples posts without thinking through what you are doing.

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Fear of missing out

Mostly our youths have this feeling, (fear of missing out) caused by unnecessary pressure on social media. You will always want to be on these platforms because you want to see each update and post made either by you or your friends. You always feel as if there is something you are going to miss, your craving for media use goes up extensively.

Hive Mind (irrational conformity to a group’s thinking)

Have you seen individuals asking for help or advice on there important issues in social media? What comes to your mind? Do these people get reasonable advice and directions from these platforms? Birds of the same feathers flock together. When you belong to a group on media for a long time, your thinking inclines to that group ideologies and beliefs.

Overeating (Overdoing)

You spend all day on social platforms! What do you expect to gain at the end of day? You post all 300 photos of your wonderful wedding, birthday party, graduation, baby shower, first meet-up with your lover and job promotion, don’t you think that’s being too open and creepy? This is the problem, you over post, over comment and waste a lot of time on these platforms.

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