The value of virginity to women

The value of virginity to women

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Value of virginity

Our current social society never exalts the value of virginity before the marriage. This is where we use a phrase like ‘a lost generation’. Imagine if all women would embrace virginity as a lifestyle in their pre-married state? They would avoid much trouble, and earn a lot for their lives. 

Embracing virginity at their young age would allow them to develop character, maturity, and spiritual reserves. You may not be a virgin as you read this, but still, this knowledge is of much value. You may have siblings or children, teach them the right knowledge. 

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The younger generation and generations to come, need this knowledge, they should not repeat the same mistakes. 

Now let us list the values of virginity to women;

  • Prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV. Those caught in this trap understand the heaviness and unhappiness these brings to someone’s life. Imagine swallowing drugs for the rest of your life or getting pregnant with someone you do not really like.  
  • Virginity maintains self-esteem and an accompanying sense of wellbeing. It gives peace of mind and ease of conscience despite the fact that your friends, the media, and society seem to conspire to weaken resolve and cause some to give up the struggle. 
  •  If all women practice virginity until marriage, it will help reduce immorality among our youths. Most people will focus on other things and the moment they think of sexual pleasures they will definitely contemplate marriage. Marriage would be the only institute people would practice intercourse. 
  • It will reduce sexual harassment and defilement. When the mindset of the people is tuned that they can only practice sex in marriage, no one will go around harassing or defiling anyone. 
  • Virginity earns women’s respect. Virgin women have been highly regarded as pure, virtuous women in society. They are respected and given high duties in society. I am sure, no human will want their young daughters not to be virgins before marriage. 
  • Builds a group of women who will value and respect their marriage. Faithful women that will be pure in society. This will prevent a lot of marriage conflicts that erupt due to unfaithfulness.
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Traditional culture, Christianity, and Muslim beliefs, all support virginity among women. They become pure, good women, women of value, dignity, honor and this brings respect and peace in society. 

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It is very sad that people no longer cherish good values and beliefs anymore. Everyone strives to live as they wish or deem fit, claiming that values and beliefs were designed to enslave and destroy people’s freedom. 

Looking at this phenomenon with a clear mind, we would say human behavior and values are deteriorating as time goes. We have plenty of knowledge currently but sadly we are not utilizing it.

No man will have a woman as their wife with the knowledge she has slept around with other men. 

A man will have a clear mind and prestige knowing that they married a virgin.

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Sex is not a way to prove that you are in with the crowd, or that you are not frosty and if a woman finds it embarrassing to say that she is a virgin then she has some growing up to do. 

Some women are pressured into sex because they believe the man will leave them if they don’t give in, but if he cannot accept her refusal, then he’s not worth bothering about.

It is worth pointing out that in religion and cultural circles today virginity is not only taught very strongly it is a qualification for marriage, and the loss of it can cause much unhappiness.

A first illicit encounter with sex can easily lead to a second and third and to infinitude. There is a need for a good code of morals. 

The most positive way to combat sexual temptation and heighten our thresholds is given in scripture. The battle must first be won in the mind and then the rest will be comparatively easy.

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