Understanding courtship in 21st century

Understanding courtship in 21st century

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Understanding courtship in 21st century

What is courtship?

It’s a period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship, especially with a view to marriage. Courtship in another aspect is a period that couples or lovers start dating each other frequently so that they understand each other well. This is that period you would like to know in detail their preferences and dislikes, life achievements, health status, religious beliefs, education, finance status, future plans and the way forward in your relationship.

During this period one has to be very careful when it comes to sharing your information. You are not supposed to be an open book, take your time until you are sure the person you are dating is serious. Do not open up to a person that will end up leaving and use the information shared against you. This is where courtship comes in, passerby cannot with stand it, just three months and they will run away when sex is locked until marriage.

A question you may be asking yourself, “How long should Courtship take?”. This is a good question and you can read this article i wrote for more information: – How long should courtship take before marriage?

How youth indulge in courtship today

It is very unfortunate for so called ‘Generation Z’ in how they embrace dating and courtship. There is no decorum and proper plan during courtship in today’s youth. They will fall in love and get possessed with the sensation and infatuation towards each other which leads to complete shutdown to proper procedures required to be followed during courtship. This tendency has led many of them to unbearable frustration, accidents and even death.

Our youth will never want to have mentors or even seek guidance from their parents and guardians. They feel in control of their life and forget that they need help from people they trust. They rush in everything they do, yet taking time to know someone before you declare you love them is very important. We have people who cannot take a broken promise and such people retaliate by revenging.

The revenging formula can be disastrous to you, we have seen people being killed by their lovers because they refused to get in marriage with them. Other end up in different kind of drama which always lead to frustration, hatred, fights and sometimes sickness.

Youth should understand that falling in love is not an event but rather a process which should be undertaken with proper soberness and wisdom.

Courtship being a process, the ones involved must respect the principles involved in this processes. The major purpose of it is to know each other deeply before going for marriage. During this time sexual activities should never be involved or discussed. Frequent outings and adventures to public places should be done to allow understanding of each other’s behaviors and reactions to different situations. You are supposed to be observant and allow discussions to different subjects like religion, food, education, health and social relations.

Seeking proper guidance from parents and guardians is also a requirement during courtship, because at the end of the day you will need their approval and support for marriage. You are not supposed to meet at weird places and time, for example in a room, at night and alone this may lead to unpredictable actions which may ruin your love for each other.

Courtship is very important for anyone contemplating marriage. It allows one to learn and understand their partner and in case they don’t fit to be together courtship allows swift breakups. During this time you get a chance to involve your family members and this is great because it makes the process serious and official. This time allows the partners to plan their life in marriage before they are married officially, this allows swift lifestyle altogether.

Achieving a great courtship process sums up to a great marriage life. Youth should learn approaching the right processes in getting a partner. Shun from what I call ‘unhealthy courtship’ processes which take place in today’s society. Take your time to understand your partner, involve all the stakeholders that is parents, guardians, advisors and people you trust. Doing the right thing at the right time will lead to a successful relationship and marriage.

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