Using your Time Wisely

Using your Time Wisely

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Using your Time Wisely

It’s another great year God has granted us, another opportunity to do what we longed for, another chance to do things right and achieve our dreams. In this new year we need to use our time wisely so as to leverage the time given to us maximumly. Time is precious and wasting your time is a waste of your life. Life is not about just passing of time, life is a collection of experiences, their frequency and their intensity.

Life is not about the watching of the clock ticking away.

Whatever experiences you had last year, negative or positive we have to move on and do something for our life this year. Whatever the lifespan you will have, you would like it to be filled with experiences. You would wish that your experiences were for great purpose, brought blessings to people around, gave hope to the hopeless and gave change and happiness to the troubled.

This is a new year, protect your personal dignity by starting a project and finishing that project. What am calling a project here is nothing big but what you are planning to do. It can be starting a small business, buying a car, building a house, practice a specific skill, finding your true loving partner or practically anything that requires your brain and energy. List your tasks and go for something easier in that list, this will give you proper momentum and courage.

Take each project seriously, either small or big it is a project and should be done. You will definitely achieve by working longer and harder. Be smart in every implementation and process, by managing time makes you more skilled in this game of project execution. You must have a plan before you begin any task, have a detailed plan. After having a firm plan then set a goal, achievable goals. Be alert and realistic here, don’t just put things without doing appropriate research, be true to yourself.

What is the most valuable use of time?

The above question is very important asking yourself always when planning to use your time. Successful individuals always do one thing at a time. Test yourself, challenge your time, once you start a task stay with it until you are done. Never undertake several tasks at the same time, you will definitely fail. The Ethiopian pyramids were built for a given period of time, take the necessary time to undertake a task, be patient in every project. Furthermore, nothing good comes easily, someone has to work, put some energy and brains to work in order to succeed.

Failure! This is what scares everyone in any undertaking. The inability to concentrate on important task is the major reason for failure. So as a project or task manager ensure you have maximum concentration on what matters first in your project. This is because all important task they are difficult and all unimportant tasks tend to be easy to commence. So be very alert, every time you focus and stay on a key job until it is finished, you fill like a winner, you get a boost of energy, satisfaction, and self esteem

Practice single handling of your task, once you pick one do it until you finish. Make yourself happy first. Forming a good habit is very hard but easy to live with, on the other hand bad habits are easy to form but very hard to live with. Don’t confuse movement with progress. May you learn using your time wisely. Cheers!

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