What happens when Love, Poverty & Ignorance are Intertwined?

What happens when Love, Poverty & Ignorance are Intertwined?

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Poverty, ignorance, love all intertwined becomes a time ticking bomb. A story of Mr Sum and Susie tells us all and we should learn something from it. When all this was happening, Sum was 28 while Susie 26. Susie was brought up by a single mother back in the village. Life was very tough at their village, her mother had no job. Due to all this Susie felt vulnerable, she wanted to be happy like her friends. Get new clothes every month, visit the saloon and acquire basic needs like pads for herself. All this for Susie was a struggle and a nightmare always.  

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Susie met Sum and in a way liked each other and started dating, during this time Sum tried to provide for Susie. Sum worked as Administration Police officer in the city.  He picked her up from the village to the city, took her to College and paid her University fees. All this time they were lovers and life became swift for Susie and on the other hand Sum was happy having a pretty girl in his life. While he was paying her fees he was also helping her Mother back home.

In the city life was cool, Susie went to school and came back to her love in the evening. Everything was fine but a time came and Susie started wanting again. She felt missing something in her life, she quickly forget where she came from. At this moment it was critical for her, she could not make any decision because she fully depended on Sum. Deep inside she knew all this will come to an end because she realized its not what she wanted. Sum was not her type! Really! Who was her type then?

Campus life with its temptations you know, she met, hot blooded, young and handsome intelligent men and she got confused. Sum started looking too local and old fashioned for her. Her class had changed and she felt she deserved a better life than what she already had. Four years passed and Susie graduated, she was ready to face life with confidence after earning her papers. That’s how all graduates feel when they graduate, but its always not the same for most of them. The world is unfair, progress and non-progress forces fight every moment in your life you better be smart!   

After graduation Susie found her so called “class” and described Sum, the AP Officer as a “D-” product and wanted to let go of her ways! Susie got another man and moved to his place, a man of class, a man who was financially stable and embraced new generation lifestyle. Sum was heartbroken and confused, where was his love, the one he sacrificed for all those years? A week went by without a word from Susie and this made him get, angry, stressed and depressed.   

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She later came back home and told him, “let’s break up am now dating the CEO of a big company”!. This really got into Sums skin, he thought he had a wife who is learned but things were changing very fast. Angered by her latest attitude towards him, the AP called her mother in the village, the mother told him, “let my daughter decide her future”. He called her sisters, and they answered “can the AP manage our university graduate sister”. Hearing all these feedback, he tried to talk sense to Susie but she was totally deaf.

Sum tried to go through all this but he couldn’t, only anger, shock and hatred grew in him by moment. He thought about what to be done, the only thing that came to his mind was revenge. Susie had already moved on and staying with his new man, what a life! By the way who did wrong here, Sum or Susie or both? Ha ha. A debate will be held to decide for this situation.

One chilly morning Sum had a resolve, a resolve to revenge, he knew very well when preparing for revenge you had to dig two graves, one for your enemy and another for yourself. That day he put on his police uniform, got his gun and ensured it had enough bullets. He drove to Susie’s place. The moment he saw her, the AP pumped 47 bullets into her tiny body!. Then he put one bullet into his head and that was the end of their journey.  

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