What Men Really think about Women and Relationships

What Men Really think about Women and Relationships

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What Men Really think about Women and Relationships

What do men really think about women and relationships? This is a profound question to be asked, not because it’s hard but different people perceive it contrarily. Men really want many things within the sphere of relationships. One thing you should know, I cannot dare talk on behalf of all men but I will be able to suggest that as women are very complex so are men.

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It’s very unfortunate that most women don’t understand how men communicate. This does not depict that they have not said what they want. Men communicate by using less words, and they say it probably once in the context which seems appropriate and whatever they say is being taken seriously. Men tend not to repeat what they said in the beginning. Men watch carefully how their thoughts are treated by women, if they are despised or not received with the importance. Women should be listeners and treat each information given by a man with care and seriousness.

The first days and weeks a woman dates a man they have to listen attentively, this time men mean what they say and do what they say. Men classify women according to their character, they can take a woman seriously, put them on friends’ zone or have a short-time spontaneous relationship. Most of the time men listen to what women have to say and deduce from what is said a conclusion on the progress of their affiliation.

Men have different belief systems about their roles and how they should be respected, when this boundary is crossed conflicts tend to occur very fast. The moment a man is treated equal or less to a woman conflicts always tend to crop in, and being humble on the side of women always brings harmony. A mans belief system is shaped by how they were brought up, education system, friends, religion and personal principles.  

Belief systems also exists in women on how to handle a man and how men should treat them. This normally happens depending on how a woman was brought up, the person influencing them, and also their own life principles that tells them a man cannot tell them anything and am equal to a man. A woman should just be humble and submit and she will always get what she wants from the man without necessarily the confrontations.  

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On the other hand, a woman in a relationship should know their man and respect them, because respect is a need for a man. Respecting a man brings about submission. Submission is not about a woman stooping low or kneeling down for a man, its all about being meek. You can be respected and yet despised you can respect somebody and not love them but you cannot love somebody and not respect them. Today women are really empowered, some are beyond men and others at the same level with them, only women who can humble themselves always enjoy their relationships. They know they are powerful but still let their man lead them because he is the head.

Real men are not scared by empowered women. In fact, having an empowered woman enables a man grow first and become more stable. Having an empowered woman, its always a blessing for a man. This woman will bring a lot on the table, she will help in making proper decisions, support a man at their low moments and support the whole family with ultimate wisdom. The scripture at some point says a wise woman builds her own house but a foolish woman destroys her own house.    A man is raised in a certain way that he was thought to treat a woman and what to expect from them. Respect is not what a woman sees as respect but what a man sees and defines as respect.

One will argue that all men are bad, inhuman, hurt-less and they care less about women. This analogy to be sincere it’s false and I wonder why our society likes spreading with strength negativity to its people. The narrative of men being bad is highly propagated, and it has made the bad to outshine the good, this has made our women not to trust men. When a man falls for a woman its like seeing a very beautiful flower and you decide to take and tender for it. You always take your time and tender the flower carefully with all your attention without knowing that the flower has thorns. When you get pricked you realize that the flower had thorns but you keep on tendering the flower. This is how most men treat their women, they forgive and love them with their inadequacies.  

A man should first realize he is a man before a woman realizes he is a man. No wonder women are not serious in some relationships because their men are not confident about themselves. It would be unfortunate for a woman to marry any of these men. I feel for such men; no wonder men are killing themselves over the lack of love from their women. Respect is earned by loving your woman. It is not a right but a result of your effort. Love should be given and you will definitely receive it back.

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Who is a good man? A good man will always have undergone a long process of molding in different stages. They would have proper and supportive family upbringing, good spiritual nourishment, good education system, a lot of skills training and great circle. This also applies to women, and a woman with negative fondness to men would be as a result of heartbreak, violation and past harassment by men. Such a woman would have a fixed negative belief about men that they are all bad and unloving which is not the case. Good men exist and are in abundance. Just because you were heartbroken once, twice, thrice or so doesn’t mean that all men are wicked.

In every successful man there is a successful woman behind them! Who is this successful woman? What entails a successful woman? Note that not all women can make men successful or be supportive. A woman with brains, accommodative and sees things beyond makes a successful woman. They submit and care for their men. Submission is putting down the ‘I’ and using the ‘We’ to achieve harmony and progress. Submission is a two-way expression too.

Be friends! For both of you to understand each other’s motive. What does a man really want from a woman or vise verse? We do things with a motive in mind, in relationship it might be someone wants a one-night stand, money, material things, to get a job, give you a disease, be in your circle, get a contract signed or true they actually love you truly. It’s upon an individual to discern the other parties’ motives and make appropriate move.     

Peer pressure and society pressure has made the boy child struggle and live to the expectations of the girl child. Men wants women who come and grow with them but most women want developed and accomplished men. Some women look at men as objects of success. Other men want a fully baked woman, who looks good and fresh just to impress his boys yet they are not happy at home. Social media has also evolved how men and women really perceived and think about each other.

Men are leaders of the house but not dictators and tyrants, they need to nature and tend, to serve their households with love. If it happens during dating you cannot be together no hard feelings should be involved just be friends forever.

To conclude, men are made of different belief system or code of conduct that is unique. Do not expect men to behave the same way. A man should always be open to learn new good behaviors from their predecessor’s.

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