What Parents should know about Campus Life

What Parents should know about Campus Life

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What Parents should know about Campus Life

Let me take this chance and have a one on one exchange with parents. You understand parenting is not an easy task, it requires wisdom, soberness, consistent training, patience, love and tenderness.

Being a good parent can be a difficult and challenging venture, but at the same time can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you ever do.

Here am simply going to share what your daughter/son experiences or goes through in their Campus life. Then I would want you to ask yourself whether you prepared and trained your child sufficiently to withstand the illusive campus life. If your child has not yet joined campus then you have ample time to prepare and train them to become wise and smart.

Campuses are always a free world where everyone does what they want out of their own will. This kind of freedom has consumed young people who like experiencing life from all angles foolishly. Due to huge capacity of students, no one bothers who sleeps where and with whom, who doesn’t attend lectures, who uses what or not.  Everyone lives for themselves and God for all of them.

Some young people will resolve to do the unspeakable, move in together with their boyfriend or girlfriend while in campus. Cohabiting has become the norm and way of life among the youth, a boy and girl will decide to rent a single house together where they will cook, sleep and do everything you can’t imagine for a whole semester. The only thing they would strive to avoid is pregnancy (evidence).

Uncontrolled sexual desires drive people into humiliating and detestable deeds. Sexual passions, if allowed to rule turns a person into a mere beast. Young men end up raping their classmates, others let sexual desires control and dominate them rendering their thinking capabilities very weak.

Unemployment has increased not because there are no jobs, but no proper skills and knowledge among the youth. They were given the opportunity to study but they were never serious with their course work, they end up failing and under-performing. They become incompetent in the job market.

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All this is instigated by parents in a way, you never educate and talk about sex and sexuality with your child. In Proverbs 22:6 the Bible says “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”. It is your responsibility as a parent to train your child diligently, consistently and soberly on how to handle themselves in this deceptive world.

You don’t just provoke, yell or spit some dirty words and think you are helping them. No! you are not! In fact, you are killing their self esteem and confidence gradually, negative words affect the youth’s confidence severely. In Ephesians 6:4 says “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord”.

Using force and being harsh won’t help you as a parent to bring up your child in a good way. Remember, when they are in school they are out of your control, the force and harshness won’t be enforced there by anyone because you never paid for that service or that service is not offered. On their side they would tend to become  rebellious, do the opposite of what you tried to enforce or impose on them instead of educating and training.

Drugs and Alcohol is another factor that can dwindle your child’s discipline and ambitions. Through peer pressure and influence young people have engulfed themselves in drugs and alcohol slavery. They forget that they are in school for a reason and season, they put aside all their life goals and ambitions and focus on this unworthy, good for nothing pleasure.

Irresponsible partying and extravagance has consumed our generation. Just because a boy/girl was never given a chance by their parents to go for a night wedding party at their village, when they go to school they get that opportunity for participating in any party because no one will stop them. They feel free to do anything, go out in the nights, visit different clubs and mingle with any stranger who is willing to have fun with them.

When they are back at home, they become your little angels, well behaved kids. In some cases, you will hear a parent commenting ‘am proud of my child, he/she is well behaved’. You have no clue of what happened in school, they will tell you many lies of how they are good in class presentation and discussions and you get satisfied, your child is doing good.

Others have a habit of extravagance, they crave for expensive things this includes, phones, watches, fashioned clothes, shoes, laptops, TV sets, lavish hostels and any product which will make them look classy. Some go to an extent of lying their parents, that there is a school trip in order to get money and buy such goods. This occupies their mind and time, they have less time to focus on what took them to college.

Its time we educate, train and explain things openly, soberly and wisely to your young generation. Provoking, yelling, abusing and inflicting fear to this unpredictable generation won’t help but make them become rebellious and defiant. You just have to train your child in a good way to become a young responsible youth in the society. When they understand the good ways, they will grow to be with good personalities and principles.

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