What teenagers should be told about sex

What teenagers should be told about sex

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I think it’s time we tell our youngsters everything about sex before they make some silly mistakes most of us have made. They say experience is the best teacher, which is true but we can still learn from others. With a smart mindset we don’t have to experience everything, we can learn from others experiences! Parents and guardians avoid this topic as much as possible despite them knowing it’s a very necessary subject to be discussed.

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I feel that Institutions offer shallow knowledge on sex education to our young generation and that’s why we need to go a step further. When our youngsters reach that moment they are ready to roll on these things, all facts should be laid out for them. We need to prevent them from the existing myths about sex around the world and guide them properly.

Never learn about sex from adult content sites

Many young people have really delved into consuming adult content to learn about sex. They try to always copy what they see and always it ends in a disappointment. They forget that adult content is all about business and the actors take a long time to learn these creepy styles. It’s always not real what appears on the screen, some of these moves are technologically enhanced and no way a normal human will do them without losing their waist.

Couples always feel bad about their sexual life because they compare themselves with what they see on these adult content sites. Just stop visiting these sites and be creative and use what is workable for you both. Create your own ways of making each other happy, explore all the possible ways in your imagination. You will both be lucky if your communities offers some knowledge on the subject. Like my community is very rich on such knowledge for both ladies and men. Use that for your own safety and don’t feel bad because you can’t do what they act, you are not a porn-star anyway.   

Learn and respect your community and religious values

We all belong somewhere, to a given community or religion which are guided under defined values. Let the youngsters embrace these values, let them shed light and lead them to the right paths. My community for examples the boys and girls are taught separately specifically how to treat and handle their lovers. These lessons bring harmony, peace and true love among lovers and families. No frequent breakups or divorces in such communities are observed.  

It’s not a taboo when a guy finishes in one minute

This is for the girl child: Okay, I know this is a sensitive matter but we have to talk about it. “He is a one minute guy!”, you will always here this somewhere. A guy will be mocked and laughed at when they finish in one minute! Is there anything wrong with a guy doing one minute in the first round? We have many factors surrounding this state its just many people lack the knowledge and skills to handle this situation both boys and girls.

With the right knowledge and skills both parties will understand either he was not well fed, he is a virgin, he is under some  stress, he got over excited because she was too warm down there or he just panicked because he is not used to such states. Skilled individuals will work this out and continue with life but others will end their relationship and yup around. That’s why there is need of this knowledge of the sheets to our ready youngsters. 

What I know about one minute issue its not a permanent thing, you just need to get comfortable with each other and boom everything will be fine.  

Its not a must to have sex whenever you are together

This myth or mindset among men that you must make love whenever you are with her it’s totally absurd. If you really want your relationship to be strong thrive to make good memories together. You can travel, go for a picnic, cook some food, go to the cinema and do as many activities as possible together. Making love should not be there as a routine but if you both got the emotions and energy why not! 

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Never rush she is yours all the night

This is for the boy child: When with her never rush, take your time and focus in collecting your energies. She is there for you and she will be there don’t rush things as if you have been given a timer. Make yourself comfortable, don’t do anything until you are sure of being comfortable both emotionally and physically.   

No matter what ensure you are good in this

Many communities cherish this part of life. Everyone will do their best to ensure they have knowledge and skills, both boys and girls. I throw a challenge to you also, just ensure you are good in this and you will thank me later. Unless you face some health issues, that’s quite unfortunate but the environment we live in needs our best to tap maximum intimacy. Nothing comes just like that, you have to put some energy.

All the above points give a glimpse of what our teenagers should be told about sex. Our generation needs facts and not myths surrounding these topics. Remember whatever knowledge they gain from this will determine the decision they will make in their relationships. Giving them truth values of these subjects will enable them make appropriate decisions.

My hands were tied here and I could not discuss these dispositions in details but feel free to contact me for a detailed and blunt discussion on any subject above.


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