What to consider before you say ‘yes I do’

What to consider before you say ‘yes I do’

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Here I am going to discuss about what  women ought to do before they say yes I do.  It’s quiet a critical question for all women which in one point of their life they have to answer this question.  That’s why it’s very paramount to discuss this issue and give some of the important points to be considered at these times.  Have you ever imagined what you will consider in your partner before you say yes I do? Take some time and don’t be bias and try to answer this important question which in one way or another you will have to make a decision and give an answer to it.

It’s very interesting that many young ladies will consider to accept a man in terms of what they possess.  They will look to see if the man possesses a lot of materials, they will consider if this man got a great job and a lot of money with him.  This is what most women will look at, others go ahead to consider if their partner have cars and other luxurious commodities. A crazy world indeed, where we crave for what we don’t need for our lives.  It’s like all these material things and money will bring them happiness and peace in their life.

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Others go for handsomeness. They would want a man with those big arms,huge chest and strong.  They tend to forget that cuteness without brains exists. Anyway it’s not bad to consider such features but there are more important factors to consider before that. They never consider someone’s personality, emotional stability and self esteem. Let me discuss some of the very important aspects to consider before saying ‘Yes I do’.

Get to know them deeply

Knowing someone deeply is knowing them very well, every aspect of their life. Remember this person you are going to stay together for the rest of your life. Someone you will confide, listen, love and cherish for the long you will stay alive on earth. Take your time and energy getting to know them very well, what they like, their family, friends and what they do in 24 hours. Get to know their movements, strength and their weaknesses, it would help you live and prosper with them.

Knowing them also you have to put into consideration their health, religion, education, family and their job or business. All these have to be considered, they don’t have to be 100% but there should be a plan in place. Discuss with them each and every points mentioned above just to ensure you are on the same page. In case of disagreements give it time and you will always come to a proper agreement.  

What’s their plan and vision

Is this partner of yours having vision and plan which they’re working on? They don’t have to have money, but you really need to be sure they are having a plan for their life. Never waste your time with a guy with no plan and something they are working to achieve. These unstable men are very venomous, run for your life and get yourself some serious guy. Always ask them questions to confirm they are in line with what they have decided to pursue for their future.

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A man with no stand, falls for anything and you can end up being a wife to a thug. No matter what ensure you get yourself a guy with a vision, a plan. Ensure also they are not day dreamers, some are good sweet talkers. After telling you their plan check if they have done something to achieve their goals. Have they gone to school and get educated, do they do a consistent follow up of their plans. If they are jokers don’t waste your time with them, you never signed a contract to stick with them. Go ahead and get yourself another man.

Are you ready to support them achieve

We have women from a particular tribe that when married they make their husbands their projects. How? They ensure to help their men achieve their goals, they possess their men ambition and be there for them, grow together to achieve. They know very well their man’s success is equally theirs. Everyday they will encourage, support and help them achieve. This is a great strategy which has been used by all successful couples in the world. In every successful man there is a strong, intelligent, loving and beautiful woman behind them.

Before you say ‘yes i do’ are you ready to support their ambitions and life projects. If nah, let him be a find someone you would love what they do or plan to do and support them with all your heart. Nothing comes just like that, you have to work hard for success. Successful families are achieved by a coordinated will and support by the couples. I wish you a quick “yes i do”.