When intimacy and pleasure are the only driving factors of your engagement!

When intimacy and pleasure are the only driving factors of your engagement!

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When intimacy and pleasure are the only driving factors of your engagement!

Many have been in relationships either once, twice or several times, unfortunately most have been heartbroken. It is very funny because we never learn from our past, we keep on repeating the same mistakes repeatedly. Most people jump blindly into relationships without knowing or defining why they are committing themselves.

Let us look at some relationships you should never commit yourself to and if you are a victim, this should be your opportunity to end such unhealthy engagement.

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”

People enter into relationships with different agendas, it can be because of your couples’ huge money, fame, royal status, material possession, highly educated, beauty and handsomeness, true love (loving someone the way they are, for better for worse, Godly love) and for intimacy and pleasure. What is the driving factor of your relationship today ? Kindly, leave your sincere answer in the comment section below.

Intimacy and pleasure! If this is the only agenda in your relationship then you are doomed. This type of relationship is absolutely absurd, unhealthy and bears no good fruits for a better future. When love making and entertainment is pulled out of such relationship, the engagement is urgently declared null and void. Indulging yourself in such a relationship, it has no difference with those who buy sexual pleasures in the city and streets.

“True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.”

Such a relationship can be very dangerous to those whose aim is to have a better marriage in the future. Your partner will be planning to dump you after getting satisfied as you will be busy planning and thinking of the future. This normally ends up to serious heartbreaks which can lead to either fights, death or some can decide to walk away peacefully in pain, but most of them prefer vengeance, fights and killing altogether. We have witnessed several deaths caused by love wrangles, which in most cases are caused by one couple ending a relationship or not accepting marriage.

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Another problem which can be caused by such relationship is drug and sex addiction. Entertainment and pleasure is the driving factor in this situation. Everything is done under infatuation and not true love, a recurrence of these activities will lead to drug and sex addiction. This is why, when you end such a relationship, the person becomes violent and hates you more than they loved you. This is because that addiction will not be satisfied again, “Am addicted to you”.

“When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love.”

It is always advisable never to include sex in your relationship before marriage to avoid such deadly scenarios and experiences. Put your goals right before you commit yourself in a relationship. Indulging in bad activities are signs of a poor partner and change should be made immediately. In case you are in a relationship which is only propelled by intimacy, pleasure and infatuation stop it and make it right with the right person.

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