Why boy-child need to be empowered?

Why boy-child need to be empowered?

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The boy child has been disregarded for so long now. Society has painted boy-child as able to figure out their life, they do not need support because they are men. They are not supposed to cry, lament or lack anything. These stipulations upon the boy child has bred weak, drama-queen, unstable, rough and disrespectful men.

A wave of polarity and lack of harmony has engulfed society. Ignoring the norm, morals, values and empowering our men has brought trouble. The women who have been empowered for so long are also lamenting because they deficit empowered men. They lack men who can reason together and achieve a conclusive agreement. Men who can provide both moral and financial support to their loved ones have become scarce.

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A mindset should be construed within the society. People should focus on empowering both the boy child and girl child so that we can have a harmonious social context. A society where people can live, reason, support, and care for each other swiftly. That’s a society where everyone dreams to belong. Our young men need empowerment and support for society to have a safe and harmonious life.


Empowering men will enable build a society made up of gentlemen. Men who respect their women and children. Men who will be ready to sacrifice themselves for the people and social development and continuity. We need our warriors back, those who were always ready to protect their families and society through thick and thin. The men of wisdom, who planned for today, tomorrow and the future. They planned for other generations to come always, they were not selfish and self-centered.

Attain social harmony 

A society needs to attain social harmony by empowering its people equally. Imagine a society where its men are not empowered? This would be decremental to that society in the end run. People would lack balance and harmony. Social relations won’t work anymore. A woman would want to get married but they won’t be able to get an empowered man like them. We have seen it, we have a high rate of single mothers today. It would be dangerous if people accept this as a way of life. A single mother is a current societal problem. 

Due to this, there is a great need to empower our modern man, so that our women would get men who are emotionally and mentally strong in managing their families. Men who will provide, protect and care for their loved ones. The tendencies of people propagating an ideology that women can live without men are uncalled and should be thrown away.

I have noted a trend of young women getting married to older men because most of their age mates are not ready, mentally strong and financially stable to manage a family. If only we had balance, our young women could get fellow young men and enjoy their youthful marriage.  A good society is supposed to be built from complete nuclear families made of empowered men, empowered women, and empowered children. A society built with such a system is harmonious and progressive.

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Eradicate Domestic Violence

Disagreement among couples has been observed since the time of our forefathers. Interestingly, in recent times these disagreements and conflicts have led to bloody domestic violence. Many women have died in the hands of their so-called husbands, lovers who are expected to provide them with protection and care. Empowering the men would help eradicate domestic violence of women and children. Couples will be able to deal with squabbles soberly, they will be able to follow the right procedures to solve their conflicts peacefully.  

Fight Poverty

In the current century, a man would be respected and hailed for being financially stable and pulling their family out of the bondage of poverty. A young man will not be given the respect expected if they can’t provide. Young men can’t marry with no cash or flow of sustainable cash. Young men have to be empowered, get employed or be entrepreneurs so that they can sustain themselves and the people around.

Our boy child has to be empowered so as to attain balance again in our society. When a man is not empowered the society stops functioning. Women will lack husbands, children will lack a supportive father, no security for both women and children, chaos will erupt, corruption will be the norm and everything will go shoddy. A man is a special person, we cannot live without getting concerned about him.

I am not against women empowerment here, its time we focus on empowering both genders, the child. By doing so, we achieve balance, harmony, and order in our society.

Let us empower the child and not genders.

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