Why we should teach our daughters to be women and not men

Why we should teach our daughters to be women and not men

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Why we should teach our daughters to be women and not men

What strategies are being used to empower women? What is women’s empowerment? A basic definition would be allowing women equal access to opportunities as men. At no point will you see women being taught how to be men, never. When your daughters are getting empowered be keen that they are given the right knowledge. The knowledge that will not rob them of their feminine nature.

Have you ever met a woman full of toxic femininity? You just wish to walk away immediately. Even if they are beautiful and smelling good, no man or even woman will want to hang around them. Their feminine nature is dead and they are something else, destroyed sexuality. Our daughters are being fed the wrong knowledge that has made many end up in divorce, loneliness, and great losses.

The knowledge fed to them has not helped but made them arrogant and egoist. It’s time we enlighten our daughters about who they are and what women empowerment is all about. They should be taught how to live and handle men. Men are not their enemies but rather companions on this planet earth.

Toxic knowledge for women

Being taught to be men yet they are women. A woman can never be a man. They should accept their position as women in society and embrace the feminine nature.

How on earth would someone teach their daughter to be like men? When she gets married what will happen in that home? You know two bulls cannot stay together in one stable. That’s why in a home we have a man and a woman. Each couple has to understand their roles at home. A woman cannot be harsh and rough upon their husband. 

Being disrespectful and unsubmissive. A real woman is always respectful and submissive to their man. This brings trust and their love grows strong.

That, they do not need a man in their life. Sorry to say, this is the most imbecile mindset a woman can ever have. This kind of mindset has led many women to be single mothers.

Because someone told them they can do it without a man. Such go into marriage with a fighting mindset, an attitude of it is not a must to be with you. Let’s say that is true, what about the kid? Can the kid stay without a father? This kid will live without the warmth and assurance of a father figure. 

Of Course not, something paramount will be lacking in their lives. Mothers doing this out there, you are being selfish and self-centered, it’s not always about you, think of the kid also. Do not allow your child to grow up with a dysfunctional mindset.

Good knowledge for women

Our daughters should be taught to become great women because that’s who they are. This should start with the basic knowledge of keeping themselves clean, well dressed, and working smart-hard to achieve their ambitions. They should be taught about their role in society, what they can do for their society, the importance of having a family, and also their input to the economy.

They should be taught how to handle the opposite sex right from their young age. They should understand why they are women and also why men exist. Roles of the opposite sex in society and how they can become companions and develop a little heaven on earth (family).

Young girls should understand that only the sky is the limit when it comes to ambitions in education and jobs. Studying to whatever level they want to achieve, become the president if possible, but the moment you go against your nature as a woman, things will start falling apart.

Successful women around the world understand their position in society. They understand who they are and define their destiny. Paving a way of their wish and society supports them fully. We have women who have become presidents, lawyers, engineers, doctors, pilots, and have functional marriages. They are not driven with petty egos and attitudes, they are respectful and submissive. 

I wish that women will have equal access to everything. I support women becoming independent, which is good for everyone. What I do not wish for women is being fed with toxic ideologies. Ideologies of wanting to be men yet they are women. Let men be men and women be women. With this, we shall have functional homes, good women and all this brings harmony into society.

Our daughters should understand that they need men and that men need them, both genders need each other. It’s not about ‘this gender’ or ‘that gender’. We need to embrace original principles of existence and relations between man and woman, understand the original knowledge base, then correlate that insight with our current knowledge to come up with a proper new generation mindset. Our genders need a harmonious mindset to enable them to relate and work together as partners. 

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Poem: Daughters

By Jefftizo for Women

Ohh, daughters of the soil,
Don’t you know?
Many perish because they lack knowledge!
A foolish woman destroys their own home!
Don’t you know?
You have powers in your hands to build and destroy!
Make a choice good and bad!
Ohh, daughters of the soil,
You own the world,
It’s yours to build or destroy,
Make a choice.

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